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AD420AR-32 AD829SCHIPS AD7395AR SSM2275RM AD712KN AD587 AD7572AJR10 AD645CH AD2712 AD815AV AD650AD AD204KY HOS-050G AD7723 ADSP-2111TG-52 AD671KD-500 ADG412BR AD7888BR AD734BQ AD7805BRS ADM208EAN AD73360 SSM2166P AD7542GBQ AD783 AD1879 AD844AN OP1177ARM

ADI Fiches catalogue-26

Partie nFabricantApplication
AD9240EB ADIComplete 14-bit, 10MSPS monolithic A/D converter
AD8132-EVAL ADI5.5V; 250mW; low-cost, high-speed differential amplifier
AD420AR-32 ADI32V; 50mW; serial input 16-bit 4mA-20mA, 0-20mA DAC
AD829SCHIPS ADI18V; high-speed, low-noise video Op Amp
AD7395AR ADI0.3-7V; 50mA; dual, serial input 12/10-bit DAC. For automotive output span voltage, portable communications, digitally controlled calibration, PC peripherals
SSM2275RM ADI18V; rail-to-rail output audio amplifier. For multimedia audio, professional audio systems, high preformance consumer audio
AD712KN ADIDual-precision, low-cost, high-speed, BiFET op amp
AD587 ADIHigh Precision 10 V Reference
AD7572AJR10 ADI-0.3 to +7V; 1000mW; LC2MOS complete, high speed, 12-bit ADC
AD645CH ADI18V; 500-750mW; low noise, low drift FET operational amplifier. For low noise photodiode preamps, CT scanners, precision I-V converters
AD2712 ADI+-10.000V ultrahigh precision reference series
AD815AV ADI18V; 20mA; high output current differential driver. For ADSL, HDLS and VDSL line interface driver, coil or transformer driver
AD650AD ADIVoltage-to-frequency and frequency-to-voltage converter, gain tempco ppm/C 100 kHz 150 max, 1 MHz linearity 0.1% typ
AD204KY ADI2000V; 35mW; low-cost, miniature isolation amplifier. For multichannel data acquisition, current shunt measurements
HOS-050G ADIFast Setting Video Operational Amplifier
AD7723 ADI16-Bit, 1.2 MSPS, CMOS Sigma-Delta ADC
ADSP-2111TG-52 ADI16-Bit fixed-point DSP microprocessors with on-chip memory, data memory=1K, program memory=2K, 13 MHz
AD671KD-500 ADI0.5-6.5V; 1000mW; monolithic 12-bit 2MHz A/D converter
ADG412BR ADI44V; 30-100mA; LC2MOS precision quad SPST switch. For audio and video routing, automatic test equipment
AD7888BR ADI2.7-5.25V; micropower, 8-channel 125MSPS, 12-bit ADC
AD734BQ ADI+-18V; 500mW; 10MHz, 4-quadrant multiplier/divider. For high performance replecement for AD534
AD7805BRS ADI3.3-5V; 10mA; 450mA; quad/octal 10-bit DAC. For optical disc drivers, instrumentation and communication systems
ADM208EAN ADI0.3-6V; 800-1000mW; EMI-EMC-compliant, +-15kV ESD protected RS-232 line driver/receiver. For laptop computers, notebook computers, printers, peripherals and modems
AD73360 ADI6-Channel AFE Processor for General Purpose Applications Including Industrial Power Metering or Multi-Channel Analog Inputs
SSM2166P ADI10V; 700mW; microphone preamplifier with variable compression and noise gating. For microphone preamplifier/processor, computer sound cards, public address/paging systems
AD7542GBQ ADI0-+7V; 670mW; CMOS uP-compatible 12-bit DAC
AD783 ADIHigh Speed, Monolithic Sample-and-Hold Amplifier (SHA)
AD1879 ADIHigh Performance 16-/18-Bit SD Stereo ADCs
AD844AN ADI18V; 1.5W; 60MHz, 1.1W; 2000V/mS monolithic Op Amp. For flash ADC input amplifiers, high-speed current DAC interfaces
OP1177ARM ADI36V; precision low-noise, low input bias current operational amplifier. For wireless base station control circuit, optical network control circuit, instrumentation, sensors and controls

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