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U PCM1801U REG1117FA-1.8 INA114AU/1K ADS1211E INA137PA VSP2212Y/2M ADS1213P DAC7801LU OPA552FA/500 OPA2336U XTR103BP OPA686U INA131AP AFE1103E/1K OPA137U REG103FA-2.5/500 REG103UA-2.5 XTR116U/2K5 INA2126U/2K5 XTR110KU ADS807E ADS7817PB XTR106U/2K5 OPA2677N INA2126UA OPA121KP PGA2

BB Fiches catalogue-8

Partie nFabricantApplication
DRV135UA/2K5 BBAudio Balanced Line Drivers
SHC605AU BBHigh-Speed Operational Track-And-Hold Amplifier
PCM1801U BB16-Bit, Stereo, Audio Analog-To-Digital Converter
REG1117FA-1.8 BB800mA and 1A Low Dropout Positive Regulator 1.8V, 2.5V, 2.85V, 3.3V, 5V, and Adjustable
INA114AU/1K BBPrecision Instrumentation Amplifier
ADS1211E BB24-Bit Analog-To-Digital Converter
INA137PA BBAudio Differential Line Receivers, ±6dB (G=1/2 or 2)
VSP2212Y/2M BBCCD Signal Processor For Digital Cameras
ADS1213P BB22-Bit Analog-To-Digital Converter
DAC7801LU BBDual Monolithic CMOS 12-Bit Multiplying Digital-to-Analog Converters
OPA552FA/500 BBHigh-Voltage, High-Current Operational Amplifiers
OPA2336U BBSingle-Supply, microPower CMOS Operational Amplifiers MicroAmplifier™ Series
XTR103BP BB4-20mA Current Transmitter/RTD Excitation And Linearization
OPA686U BBSpeedPlus Wideband, Low Noise, Voltage Feedback Operational Amplifier
INA131AP BBPrecision G=100 Instrumentation Amplifier
AFE1103E/1K BBHDSL/MDSL Analog Front End
OPA137U BBLow Cost FET-Input Operational Amplifiers
REG103FA-2.5/500 BBDMOS 500mA Low Dropout Regulator
REG103UA-2.5 BBDMOS 500mA Low Dropout Regulator
XTR116U/2K5 BB4-20mA Current Loop Transmitters
INA2126U/2K5 BBMicropower Instrumentation Amplifier Single and Dual Versions
XTR110KU BBPrecision Voltage-to-Current Converter/Transmitter
ADS807E BBSpeedPlus 12-Bit, 53MHz Sampling Analog-To-Digital Converter
ADS7817PB BB12-Bit Differential Input Micro Power Sampling Analog-to-Digital Converter
XTR106U/2K5 BB4-20mA Current Transmitter with Bridge Excitation and Linearization
OPA2677N BBSpeedPlus Dual, Wideband, High Output Current Operational Amplifier
INA2126UA BBMicropower Instrumentation Amplifier Single and Dual Versions
OPA121KP BBLow Cost Precision Difet® Operational Amplifier
PGA206UA BBHigh-Speed Programmable Gain Instrumentation Amplifier
ADS7800KU BB12-Bit 3µs Sampling Analog-to-Digital Converter

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