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5PC CY7C1316V18-167BZC CY7C197-20VC CY37256P208-125NC CY7C4231-25AC CY7C4241V-25JC CY7C1380CV25-167BGC CY7C027-20AC CYM1841APY-35C CY7C1021CV33-15BAC CY7C1031-10JC CY7C4211V-25AC CY7C4205-10AC CY7C128A-25DMB CY7C1021CV33-8ZC CY7C43666-7AC CY7C4215-25AC CY62128-55ZC CY7C263-20PC C

Cypress Fiches catalogue-16

Partie nFabricantApplication
W42C31-04 CypressSpread Spectrum Frequency Timing Generator
CY7C462A-15PC CypressAsynchronous, Cascadable 16K x9 FIFO
CY7C1316V18-167BZC Cypress18-Mb DDR-II SRAM two-word burst architecture, 167MHz
CY7C197-20VC Cypress256Kx1 Static RAM
CY37256P208-125NC Cypress5V, ISR high-performance CPLDs, 256 macrocells, 125MHz
CY7C4241V-25JC Cypress4K X 9 Low Voltage SYNCHRONOUS FIFO
CY7C1380CV25-167BGC Cypress512K x 36 pipelined SRAM, 167MHz
CY7C027-20AC Cypress32K x 16 dual-port static RAM, 20ns
CYM1841APY-35C Cypress256K x 32 Static RAM Module
CY7C1021CV33-15BAC Cypress64K x 16 static RAM, 3.3V, 15ns
CY7C1031-10JC Cypress64K x 18 Synchronous Cache RAM
CY7C4211V-25AC Cypress512X9 Low Voltage SYNCHRONOUS FIFO
CY7C4205-10AC Cypress256X 18 SYNCHRONOUS FIFO
CY7C128A-25DMB Cypress2K x 8 Static RAM
CY7C1021CV33-8ZC Cypress64K x 16 static RAM, 3.3V, 8ns
CY7C43666-7AC Cypress5V SYNC X36 TRI BUS FIFO
CY7C4215-25AC Cypress512X 18 SYNCHRONOUS FIFO
CY62128-55ZC Cypress128K x 8 static RAM, standby current 10mA, 55ns
CY7C263-20PC Cypress8K x 8 power-switched and reprogrammable PROM, 20ns
CY7C199L-20VC Cypress32K x 8 static RAM
CY7C1041L-17VC Cypress256K x 16 static RAM, 17ns
CY7C1041B-17ZC Cypress256K x 16 static RAM, 17ns
CY7C1041BV33L-25VC Cypress256K x 16 static RAM, 25ns
CY7C460A-10PTC CypressAsynchronous, Cascadable 8K x9 FIFO
CY7C1021V33-12VC Cypress64K x 16 Static RAM
CY7C261-45WMB Cypress8K x 8 power-switched and reprogrammable PROM, 45ns
CY7C4801-25AC Cypress256 x 9 x 2 Double Sync FIFO
CY7C1382CV25-200BZI Cypress1M x 18 pipelined SRAM, 200MHz
CY62256L-55ZRC Cypress32K x 8 static RAM, 55ns, L-power

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