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ILC6370CP-33 ILC5062AM-44 ILC7071AIM5-30 ILC7010C5-47 ILC810J ILC7526-IK

Impala Linear Fiches catalogue-8

Partie nFabricantApplication
ILC5061AM-26 Impala Linear2.6V Power supply reset monitor
ILC707N Impala LinearmP supervisory circuit
ILC6370CP-33 Impala Linear3.3V Step-up switching regulator with shutdown
ILC5062AM-44 Impala Linear4.4V Power supply reset monitor with complementaty CMOS output
ILC7071AIM5-30 Impala Linear100mA ultra low noise CMOS RF-LDO regulator
ILC7010C5-47 Impala Linear80mA SC70 ultra low noise CMOS RF-LDO regulator
ILC810J Impala Linear4V Voltage monitor
ILC7526-IK Impala LinearUSB dual control switches

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