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AT64-07W TLE4207GL LSPBT670 TLE4279GL LG5380-GK ILH100 SLA24C01-S HYM321000S-50 LG5410-P HYB3164805BJ-40 HYM368025GS-50 TLE4261S BXY44-T2S LS3360-KN BXY43P-FPS SPD21N05L HYB511000BJL-70 LSH380-J HYB3165160T-60 BUP313D HYB3164800ATL-60 BUP309 BCX53 LOK376-U TLE4205 BFG135A HYM3640

Infineon Fiches catalogue-6

Partie nFabricantApplication
IL74 InfineonPhotodarlington optocoupler
SFH482 InfineonGaAlAs infrared emitters
BC846S InfineonNPN silicon AF transistor array
BAT64-07W InfineonSilicon schottky diode
TLE4207GL Infineon1A dual-HBD (dual-half-bridge driver)
LSPBT670 InfineonSuper-red/pure green/blue multi TOPLED
TLE4279GL Infineon5V low-drop fixed voltage regulator
LG5380-GK Infineon5mm green LED
ILH100 InfineonHermetic phototransistor optocoupler
SLA24C01-S Infineon1Kbit (128 x 8bit) Serial CMOS-EEPROM with I2C Synchronous 2-Wire bus
HYM321000S-50 Infineon1M x 32bit DRAM module
LG5410-P Infineon5mm green LED
HYB3164805BJ-40 Infineon8M x 8bit DRAM
HYM368025GS-50 Infineon8M x 36bit EDO-DRAM module
TLE4261S Infineon5-V low-drop voltage regulator
BXY44-T2S InfineonHiRel silicon PIN diode
LS3360-KN InfineonSuper-red LED
BXY43P-FPS InfineonHiRel silicon PIN diode
SPD21N05L InfineonN-channel SIPMOS power transistor
HYB511000BJL-70 Infineon1M x 1bit DRAM
LSH380-J InfineonSuper red 5mm symbol LED
HYB3165160T-60 Infineon4M x 16bit DRAM
BUP313D InfineonIGBT with antiparallel diode
HYB3164800ATL-60 Infineon8M x 8bit DRAM
BUP309 InfineonIGBT
BCX53 InfineonPNP silicon AF transistor
LOK376-U InfineonOrange 3mm LED
TLE4205 Infineon1A DC motor driver
BFG135A InfineonNPN silicon RF transistor
HYM364020S-60 Infineon4M x 36bit DRAM module

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