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4 BAT68-04W LOK382-R LHT674-L PZTA64 BUZ271 SFH205F BSM35GB120DN2 BAT15-123P BCR48PN HYB3164805T-60 BCR191S LD274-3 HYM64V4045GU-50 BPW21 SPLCG94 SLA24C32-D LG5460-K HYB3164160ATL-50 LOK376-SV LG5380-J HYB314175BJ-50 LAM676-R TCA3727 HYB3166160AT-50 TLE4262GM BCX52-10 BAT14-124

Infineon Fiches catalogue-78

Partie nFabricantApplication
BXY43-TS InfineonHiRel silicon PIN diode
BFS17P InfineonNPN silicon RF transistor
KSY44 InfineonHall sensor
BAT68-04W InfineonSilicon schottky diode
LOK382-R InfineonOrange 3mm LED
LHT674-L InfineonHyper-red GaAlAs TOPLED
PZTA64 InfineonPNP silicon darlington transistor
BUZ271 InfineonP-channel SIPMOS power transistor
SFH205F InfineonSilicon PIN photodiode with daylight filter
BSM35GB120DN2 Infineon1200V/50A IGBT power module
BAT15-123P InfineonHiRel Silicon schottky diode
BCR48PN InfineonNPN/PNP silicon digital transistor array
HYB3164805T-60 Infineon8M x 8bit DRAM
BCR191S InfineonPNP silicon digital transistor array
LD274-3 InfineonGaAs infrared emitter
HYM64V4045GU-50 Infineon4M x 64bit DRAM module
BPW21 InfineonSilicon photodiode for the visible spectral range
SPLCG94 InfineonLaser diode on submount
SLA24C32-D Infineon32 Kbit (4096 x 8bit) Serial CMOS-EEPROM with I2C Synchronous 2-wire bus
LG5460-K Infineon5mm green LED
HYB3164160ATL-50 Infineon4M x 16bit DRAM
LOK376-SV InfineonOrange 3mm LED
LG5380-J Infineon5mm green LED
HYB314175BJ-50 Infineon256K x 16bit EDO-DRAM
LAM676-R InfineonAmber mini TOPLED
TCA3727 Infineon2-phase stepper-motor driver
HYB3166160AT-50 Infineon4M x 16bit DRAM
TLE4262GM Infineon5-V low-drop voltage regulator
BCX52-10 InfineonPNP silicon AF transistor
BAT14-124 InfineonSilicon Schottky Diode

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