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H/883S ICL8211CTY 80C286/883 HIN206ECA HIN241IA RURD420 HIN234 RURG3060CC HC55130 FRM9230D HUF76113SK8 HUF76409P3 CA3162A RHRP8100CC DG403 RFP10P03L HCS373MS HIP6005 HIN202ECBN CA0324M96 IRF152 HI5808 HCA10008 HFA3096 CA0139M EL7513IY-T13 CDP1854A HS-6254RH HA-2600/883

Intersil Fiches catalogue-20

Partie nFabricantApplication
ICL7663SACBA IntersilCMOS programmable micropower positive voltage regulator
HS-302RH/883S IntersilRadiation Hardened CMOS Analog Switches
ICL8211CTY IntersilProgrammable voltage detector, defined output current limit
80C286/883 IntersilHigh Performance Microprocessor with Memory Management and Protection
HIN206ECA Intersil+/-15kV, ESD-protected, +5V powered RS-232 transmitters/receivers
HIN241IA Intersil+5V powered RS-232 transmitters/receivers
RURD420 Intersil4A, 200V Ultrafast Diodes
HIN234 Intersil+5V Powered RS-232 Transmitters/Receivers
RURG3060CC Intersil30A, 400V - 600V Ultrafast Dual Diodes
HC55130 IntersilLow Power Universal SLIC Family
FRM9230D Intersil4A, -200V, 1.30 Ohm, Rad Hard, P-Channel Power MOSFETs
HUF76113SK8 Intersil6.5A, 30V, 0.030 Ohm, N-Channel, Logic Level UltraFET Power MOSFET
HUF76409P3 Intersil17A, 60V, 0.070 Ohm, N-Channel, Logic Level UltraFET Power MOSFET
CA3162A IntersilA/D Converters for 3-Digit Display
RHRP8100CC Intersil8A, 1000V Hyperfast Dual Diode
DG403 IntersilMonolithic CMOS Analog Switches
RFP10P03L Intersil10A, 30V, 0.200 Ohm, Logic Level, P-Channel Power MOSFET
HCS373MS IntersilRadiation Hardened Octal Transparent Latch, Three-State
HIP6005 IntersilBuck Pulse-Width Modulator
HIN202ECBN Intersil+/-15kV, ESD-protected, +5V powered RS-232 transmitters/receivers
CA0324M96 IntersilQuad, 1MHz, operational amplifiers, tape and reel
IRF152 Intersil33A and 40A, 60V and 100V, 0.055 and 0.08 Ohm, N-Channel Power MOSFETs
HI5808 Intersil12-Bit, 10 MSPS A/D Converter
HCA10008 Intersil80V/2.5A Peak, High Frequency Full Bridge FET Driver
HFA3096 IntersilUltra High Frequency Transistor Arrays
CA0139M IntersilQuad voltage comparators for square wave generator, time delay generators, pulse generators and etc
EL7513IY-T13 IntersilWhite LED step-up regulator
CDP1854A IntersilProgrammable Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter
HS-6254RH IntersilRadiation Hardened Ultra High Frequency NPN Transistor Array
HA-2600/883 IntersilWideband, High Impedance Operational Amplifiers

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