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D4508BMS HMP9701A RFD14N05L MUR1520 HIP6304 ICL7136 HCTS139MS FRS430D RURP1520 RF1K49093 CDP1852CD HIN202ACB-T HI-507 HIN206ECB-T HI5804 HS-81C56RH HIP4081 RFF70N06 HSP48908 RURP4120CC CD4515BMS FSR1110D RHRP8120 HI-1828A RHRD6120 CA0239E FRK264H HC-5502B1

Intersil Fiches catalogue-84

Partie nFabricantApplication
RHRU10060 Intersil100A, 600V Hyperfast Diode
HIN239CB Intersil+5V powered RS-232 transmitters/receivers
CD4508BMS IntersilRadiation Hardened CMOS Dual 4-Bit Latch
HMP9701A IntersilAC97 Audio Codec
RFD14N05L Intersil14A, 50V, 0.100 Ohm, Logic Level, N-Channel Power MOSFETs
MUR1520 Intersil15A, 200V Ultrafast Diodes
HIP6304 IntersilMicroprocessor CORE Voltage Regulator Multiphase Buck PWM Controller
ICL7136 Intersil3 1/2 Digit LCD/LED, Low Power Display, A/D Converters with Overrange Recovery
HCTS139MS IntersilRadiation Hardened Dual 2-to-4 Line Decoder/Demultiplexer
FRS430D Intersil3A, 500V, 2.52 Ohm, Rad Hard, N-Channel Power MOSFETs
RURP1520 Intersil15A, 200V Ultrafast Diodes
RF1K49093 Intersil2.5A, 12V, Avalanche Rated, Logic Level, Dual P-Channel LittleFETTM Enhancement Mode Power MOSFET
CDP1852CD IntersilByte-wide input/output port
HIN202ACB-T IntersilHigh speed +5V powered RS-232 transmitters/receivers
HI-507 IntersilSingle 16 and 8/Differential 8-Channel and 4-Channel CMOS Analog Multiplexers
HIN206ECB-T Intersil+/-15kV, ESD-protected, +5V powered RS-232 transmitters/receivers
HI5804 Intersil12-Bit, 5 MSPS A/D Converter
HS-81C56RH IntersilRadiation Hardened 256 x 8 CMOS RAM
HIP4081 Intersil80V/2.5A Peak, High Frequency Full Bridge FET Driver
RFF70N06 Intersil25.0A, 60V, 0.025 ohm, N-Channel Power MOSFET FN4073.2
HSP48908 IntersilTwo Dimensional Convolver
RURP4120CC Intersil4A, 1200V Ultrafast Dual Diode
CD4515BMS IntersilRadiation Hardened CMOS 4-Bit Latch/4-to-16 Line Decoders
FSR1110D IntersilRadiation Hardened, SEGR Resistant N-Channel Power MOSFETs
RHRP8120 Intersil8A, 1200V Hyperfast Diode
HI-1828A IntersilLow Resistance, Single 8-Channel, and Differential 4-Channel, CMOS Analog Multiplexers
RHRD6120 Intersil6A, 1200V Hyperfast Diodes
CA0239E IntersilQuad voltage comparators for square wave generator, time delay generators, pulse generators and etc
FRK264H Intersil34A, 250V, 0.120 Ohm, Rad Hard, N-Channel Power MOSFETs
HC-5502B1 IntersilSLIC Subscriber Line Interface Circuit

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