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MM54C373MW8 LM2585T-5.0 54AC00LM LM2936BMX-3.3 ADC08061BIWM JM38510R75604BS LM2937IMPX-8.0 LM34DM LM2576HVSX-5.0 5962-9076602M2A LMC6081IN 5962R8968801VEA LM2638MX TL082CMX LMH6654MAX DS9637ACMDC LP2992IM5X-1.8 LMC7111AIN 54F373DC LM13700MX LP2981IM5X-5.0 DS26F31MW-MLS ADC1061CI

National Semiconductor Fiches catalogue-159

Partie nFabricantApplication
MM145453V National SemiconductorLiquid Crystal Display Driver
LM117E/883 National Semiconductor3-Terminal Adjustable Regulator
MM54C373MW8 National SemiconductorTRI-STATE Octal D-Type Latch
LM2585T-5.0 National SemiconductorSIMPLE SWITCHER 3-Amp Flyback Regulator
54AC00LM National SemiconductorQuad 2-Input NAND Gate
LM2936BMX-3.3 National SemiconductorUltra-low quiescent current 3.3V regulator
ADC08061BIWM National Semiconductor500 ns A/D Converter with S/H Function and Input Multiplexer
JM38510R75604BS National SemiconductorOctal D Flip-Flop with TRI-STATE Outputs
LM2937IMPX-8.0 National Semiconductor500 mA Low Dropout Regulator
LM34DM National SemiconductorPrecision fahrenheit temperature sensor
LM2576HVSX-5.0 National SemiconductorSIMPLE SWITCHER 3A Step-Down Voltage Regulator
5962-9076602M2A National SemiconductorRS-485/RS-422 Quad Differential Receiver
LMC6081IN National SemiconductorPrecision CMOS Single Operational Amplifier
5962R8968801VEA National SemiconductorQuad 2-Input Multiplexer
LM2638MX National SemiconductorMotherboard Power Supply Solution with a 5-Bit Programmable Switching Controller and Two Linear Regulator Controllers
TL082CMX National SemiconductorWide Bandwidth Dual JFET Input Operational Amplifier
LMH6654MAX National SemiconductorSingle/Dual Low Power, 250 MHz, Low Noise Amplifiers
DS9637ACMDC National SemiconductorDual Differential Line Receiver
LP2992IM5X-1.8 National SemiconductorMicropower 250 mA Low-Noise Ultra Low-Dropout Regulator in SOT-23 and LLP Packages
LMC7111AIN National SemiconductorTiny CMOS Operational Amplifier with Rail-to-Rail Input and Output
54F373DC National SemiconductorOctal Transparent Latch with TRI-STATE Outputs
LM13700MX National SemiconductorDual Operational Transconductance Amplifier with Linearizing Diodes and Buffers
LP2981IM5X-5.0 National SemiconductorMicropower 100 mA Ultra Low-Dropout Regulator
DS26F31MW-MLS National SemiconductorQuad High Speed Differential Line Drivers
ADC1061CIN National Semiconductor10-Bit High Speed µP-Compatible A/D Converter with Track/Hold Function
LM3480IM3X-5.0 National Semiconductor100 mA, SOT-23, Quasi Low-Dropout Linear Voltage Regulator
NSC800E-1I National SemiconductorHigh-performance low-power CMOS microprocessor, 1.0 MHz
LM3700XBBP-270 National SemiconductorMicroprocessor supervisory circuit with low line output
LM431AIM3 National SemiconductorAdjustable Precision Zener Shunt Regulator
NMC93C66M National Semiconductor4096-bit serial elecrically erasable programmable memory (EEPROM)

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