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S-1.8 74F779LCQR CLC007AJE LM833MMX LM1882-RCM JM38510/34101BD CD40175BMJ/883 LMS1585AIT-3.3 DS3884AW/883 5962-8762501FA LM4051BIM3X-ADJ LM2612BBPX LM2577M-15 LF198H/883 CLC111AJE COPCLH988N 5962-8963001EA DS75160AN LM310H 5962-87550012A LF442ACN LM358AM 54F779DMQB LMC6036IM LM30

National Semiconductor Fiches catalogue-205

Partie nFabricantApplication
COP8FGK544V8 National Semiconductor8-Bit CMOS ROM Based and OTP Microcontrollers with 8k or 32k Memory, Two Comparators, and USART
LP3963ES-1.8 National Semiconductor3A Fast Ultra Low Dropout Linear Regulator
74F779LCQR National Semiconductor8-bit bidirectional binary counter with TRI-STATE outputs. Commercial grade device with burn-in.
CLC007AJE National SemiconductorSerial Digital Cable Driver with Dual Complementary Outputs
LM833MMX National SemiconductorDual Audio Operational Amplifier
LM1882-RCM National SemiconductorProgrammable Video Sync Generator
JM38510/34101BD National SemiconductorDual D-Type Positive Edge-Triggered Flip-Flop
CD40175BMJ/883 National SemiconductorHex/Quad D Flip-Flop
LMS1585AIT-3.3 National Semiconductor5A Low Dropout Fast Response Regulators
DS3884AW/883 National SemiconductorBTL Handshake Transceiver
5962-8762501FA National SemiconductorDual 4-Input Multiplexer
LM4051BIM3X-ADJ National SemiconductorPrecision Micropower Shunt Voltage Reference
LM2612BBPX National SemiconductorMiniature, Programmable, Step-Down DC-DC Converter for Ultra Low-Voltage Circuits
LM2577M-15 National SemiconductorSIMPLE SWITCHER Step-Up Voltage Regulator
LF198H/883 National SemiconductorMonolithic Sample and Hold Circuit
CLC111AJE National SemiconductorUltra-High Slew Rate, Closed-Loop Buffer
COPCLH988N National Semiconductor8-Bit Microcontroller
5962-8963001EA National SemiconductorDual CMOS Compatible Differential Line Receiver
DS75160AN National SemiconductorIEEE-488 GPIB Transceiver
LM310H National SemiconductorVoltage follower
5962-87550012A National SemiconductorOctal Buffer/Line Driver with TRI-STATE Outputs
LF442ACN National SemiconductorDual Low Power JFET Input Operational Amplifier
LM358AM National SemiconductorLow Power Dual Operational Amplifier
54F779DMQB National Semiconductor8-bit bidirectional binary counter with TRI-STATE outputs. Military grade with environmental and burn-in processing shipped in tubes.
LMC6036IM National SemiconductorLow Power 2.7V Single Supply CMOS Operational Amplifier
LM308J-8 National SemiconductorOperational Amplifier
LP3962ET-3.3 National Semiconductor1.5A Fast Ultra Low Dropout Linear Regulator
COP8CCE9HLQ7 National Semiconductor8-Bit CMOS Flash Microcontroller with 8k Memory, Virtual EEPROM, 10-Bit A/D and 4.17V to 4.5V Brownout Reset
JM38510/30702BE National SemiconductorDual 2-to-4 Line Decoder/Demultiplexer
LM9820CCWMX National Semiconductor12-Bit Image Sensor Processor Analog Front End

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