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0FN MC14174BF MC74AC11MEL TL431BCD MC100E193FN MC74ACT373M MJE18002 SN74LS273H MC74HC240AFEL MC14584BDT MC10H350MR2 MC33269DT MC74HC74ADR2 MJE15028 MC74HC4053AD MC74ACT02MR2 MC1455P1 SN74LS138DR2 74FST3245DWR2 MC10117L MC74HC373ADW MC74ACT259N UC2845BDR2 MC14025BFEL MC74HC04AFL1

ON Semiconductor Fiches catalogue-175

Partie nFabricantApplication
MC74AC4040M ON Semiconductor12-Stage Binary Ripple Counter
MC100E210FN ON SemiconductorLow Voltage Dual 14, 15 Differential Fanout Buffer, ECL PECL Compatible
MC14174BF ON SemiconductorHex Type D Flip-Flop
MC74AC11MEL ON SemiconductorTriple 3 Input AND Gate
TL431BCD ON SemiconductorProgrammable Precision Reference
MC100E193FN ON Semiconductor8-Bit EDAC/Parity
MC74ACT373M ON SemiconductorOctal Transparent Latch with 3 State Outputs
MJE18002 ON SemiconductorSWITCHMODE™
SN74LS273H ON SemiconductorOctal D Flip-Flop with Clear
MC74HC240AFEL ON SemiconductorOctal With 3-State Outputs Inverting Buffer/Line Driver/Line Receiver
MC14584BDT ON SemiconductorHex Schmitt Trigger
MC10H350MR2 ON SemiconductorPECL to TTL Translator
MC33269DT ON SemiconductorLow Dropout Positive Fixed and Adjustable Voltage Regulators
MC74HC74ADR2 ON SemiconductorDual D Flip-Flop With Set and Reset
MJE15028 ON SemiconductorComplementary Silicon Plastic Power Transistors
MC74HC4053AD ON SemiconductorAnalog Multiplexers / Demultiplexers
MC74ACT02MR2 ON SemiconductorQuad 2 Input NOR Gate
MC1455P1 ON SemiconductorTiming Circuit
SN74LS138DR2 ON Semiconductor1-OF-8 Decoder/ Demultiplexer
74FST3245DWR2 ON Semiconductor8-bit bus switch
MC10117L ON SemiconductorDual 2-Wide 2-3-Input OR-AND/OR-AND-Invert Gate
MC74HC373ADW ON SemiconductorOctal 3-State NonInverting Transparent Latch
MC74ACT259N ON Semiconductor8-Bit Addressable Latch
UC2845BDR2 ON SemiconductorHigh Performance Current Mode Controller
MC14025BFEL ON SemiconductorB-Suffix Series CMOS Gates
MC74HC04AFL1 ON SemiconductorHex Inverter
2N5462RLRP ON SemiconductorJFET Amplifier P-Channel
MC74HC165ADTR2 ON Semiconductor8-Bit Serial or Parallel-Input/Serial-Output Shift Register
MC74LCX374DTEL ON SemiconductorLow-Voltage CMOS Octal D-Type Flip-Flop with 5V-Tolerant Inputs and Outputs (3-State, Non-Inverting)
MPS651RLRB ON SemiconductorAmplifier Transistor NPN

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