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1ML2 MC74AC540ML1 MC10H105ML2 BC369 MC78L08ACDR2 MPSA63RLRM MC74AC02DTR2 MC100E150FN MC33151VDR2 MC10H107FN MC14027BFL1 MC14013BFL1 MC74VHC245DWR2 MC74VHC74M MC74HC390FR1 MC33074D MC78L05ACPRP MC33466H-33JT1 MC74HC165AFR1 TL082CD MC14516BF MUN2234T1 MC74ACT174DT MC74LCX373DTR2 LM

ON Semiconductor Fiches catalogue-18

Partie nFabricantApplication
MC14027BFL2 ON SemiconductorDual J-K Flip-Flop
MC74ACT11ML2 ON SemiconductorTriple 3 Input AND Gate
MC74AC540ML1 ON SemiconductorOctal Buffer/Line Driver with 3 State Outputs
MC10H105ML2 ON SemiconductorTriple 2-3-2-Input OR/NOR Gate
BC369 ON SemiconductorAmplifier Transistor NPN
MC78L08ACDR2 ON SemiconductorThree-Terminal Low Current Positive Voltage Regulator
MPSA63RLRM ON SemiconductorDarlington Transistors PNP
MC74AC02DTR2 ON SemiconductorQuad 2 Input NOR Gate
MC100E150FN ON Semiconductor6-Bit D Latch
MC33151VDR2 ON SemiconductorHigh Speed Dual MOSFET Drivers
MC10H107FN ON SemiconductorTriple 2-Input Exclusive OR/Exclusive NOR Gate
MC14027BFL1 ON SemiconductorDual J-K Flip-Flop
MC14013BFL1 ON SemiconductorDual D Flip-Flop
MC74VHC245DWR2 ON SemiconductorOctal Bus Transceiver
MC74VHC74M ON SemiconductorDual D-Type Flip-Flop
MC74HC390FR1 ON SemiconductorDual 4-Stage Binary Ripple Counter W 2, 5 Sections
MC33074D ON SemiconductorHigh Slew Rate, Wide Bandwidth, Single Supply Operational Amplifiers
MC78L05ACPRP ON SemiconductorThree-Terminal Low Current Positive Voltage Regulator
MC33466H-33JT1 ON SemiconductorFixed Frequency PWM Micropower DC-to-DC Converter
MC74HC165AFR1 ON Semiconductor8-Bit Serial or Parallel-Input/Serial-Output Shift Register
TL082CD ON SemiconductorJFET Input Operational Amplifier
MC14516BF ON SemiconductorBinary Up/Down Counter
MUN2234T1 ON SemiconductorBias Resistor Transistor NPN
MC74ACT174DT ON SemiconductorHex D Flip-Flop with Master Reset
MC74LCX373DTR2 ON SemiconductorLow Voltage CMOS Octal transparent Latch with 5V-Tolerant Inputs and Outputs (3-state, Non-Inverting)
LM2931AD-5.0 ON SemiconductorLow Dropout Voltage Regulator
BC807-25LT1 ON SemiconductorGeneral Purpose Transistor PNP
LM337D2T ON SemiconductorThree-Terminal Adjustable Output Negative Voltage Regulator
SN74LS157M ON SemiconductorQuad 2-Input Multiplexer
MC74LVX574DW ON SemiconductorOctal D-Type Flip-Flop with 3-state Outputs

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