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ARL4 MC74HC00ADR2 MJE350 SN74LS00MR1 MC100E404FNR2 MC10H162M MC74ACT132MEL MC10H158MEL MC10H188FN LM2576D2T-005 MC74HC4852ADTR2 MC74HCT374AN MC10121L LM833DR2 BF393ZL1 MJ11033 MC14007UBF MJF13007 BC489BRL1 MC33465N-34ATR BC307B MC14066BDTR2 MC74HC04AFR2 MC74VHC139ML1 MC74VHC540DW

ON Semiconductor Fiches catalogue-49

Partie nFabricantApplication
MPSW55RLRA ON SemiconductorOne Watt Amplifier Transistor PNP
1.5KE180CARL4 ON Semiconductor1500 Watt mosorb zener transient voltage suppressors, 180V
MC74HC00ADR2 ON SemiconductorQuad 2-Input NAND Gate
MJE350 ON SemiconductorPlastic Medium Power PNP Silicon Transistor
MC100E404FNR2 ON SemiconductorQuad High Freq Diff AND
MC10H162M ON SemiconductorBinary to 1-8 Decoder (High)
MC74ACT132MEL ON SemiconductorQuad 2 Input NAND Schmitt Trigger
MC10H158MEL ON SemiconductorQuad 2-Input Multiplexer
MC10H188FN ON SemiconductorHex Buffer with Enable
LM2576D2T-005 ON SemiconductorEasy Switcher™ 3.0 A Step-Down Voltage Regulator
MC74HC4852ADTR2 ON SemiconductorAnalog Multiplexer/Demultiplexer with Injection Current Effect Control
MC74HCT374AN ON SemiconductorOctal 3-State NonInverting D Flip-Flop with LSTTL Compatible Inputs
MC10121L ON Semiconductor4-Wide OR-AND/OR-AND-Invert Gate
LM833DR2 ON SemiconductorDual Low Noise, Audio Amplifier
BF393ZL1 ON SemiconductorHigh Voltage Transistor NPN
MJ11033 ON SemiconductorHigh-Current Complementary Silicon Transistors
MC14007UBF ON SemiconductorDual Complementary Pair Plus Inverter (Unbuffered)
MJF13007 ON SemiconductorSWITCHMODE™
BC489BRL1 ON SemiconductorHigh Current Transistor NPN
MC33465N-34ATR ON SemiconductorMicropower Undervoltage Sensing Circuits with Output Delay
BC307B ON SemiconductorAmplifier Transistor PNP
MC14066BDTR2 ON SemiconductorQuad Analog Switch/Quad Multiplexer
MC74HC04AFR2 ON SemiconductorHex Inverter
MC74VHC139ML1 ON SemiconductorDual 2-to-4 Decoder/Demultiplexer
MC74VHC540DWR2 ON SemiconductorOctal Bus Buffer
SN74LS164MEL ON SemiconductorSerial-In Parallel-Out Shift Register
MC100E104FN ON SemiconductorQuint 2-Input AND/NAND Gate
MC14025BD ON SemiconductorB-Suffix Series CMOS Gates
MC10H176MR1 ON SemiconductorHex D Master-Slave Flip-Flop

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