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14DWR2 MC78PC50NTR MC74HC126ADT SN74LS245DW MMBT6517LT1 MC74HC163AN MC10113L MC74VHCT573ADTR2 MC100LVEL31DR2 74FST3245DW MC33375D-3.3R2 MC74AC175ML1 MC14046BFR1 BCP56-16T3 MC74HC367ADTEL MC10H113ML1 MJE700 MPSA13RLRA MC74HC00AFR1 BC308C MC74ACT175D MC33067DW MC33460SQ-27ATR MPSA9

ON Semiconductor Fiches catalogue-99

Partie nFabricantApplication
MC14490FR1 ON SemiconductorHex Contact Bounce Eliminator
MC100LVEL14DWR2 ON Semiconductor15 Clock Distribution Chip
MC78PC50NTR ON SemiconductorLow Noise 150mA Low Drop Out (LDO) Linear Voltage Regulator
MC74HC126ADT ON SemiconductorQuad With 3-State Outputs NonInverting Buffer
SN74LS245DW ON SemiconductorOctal Bus Tranceiver
MMBT6517LT1 ON SemiconductorHigh Voltage Transistor NPN
MC74HC163AN ON SemiconductorPresettable Counter
MC10113L ON SemiconductorQuad Exclusive OR Gate
MC74VHCT573ADTR2 ON SemiconductorOctal D-Type Latch (TTL Compatible)
MC100LVEL31DR2 ON SemiconductorLow-Voltage D Flip-Flop with Set & Reset
74FST3245DW ON Semiconductor8-bit bus switch
MC33375D-3.3R2 ON SemiconductorLow Dropout 300mA Voltage Regulator with ON/OFF Control
MC74AC175ML1 ON SemiconductorQuad D Flip-Flop With Master Reset
MC14046BFR1 ON SemiconductorPhase Locked Loop
BCP56-16T3 ON SemiconductorNPN Epitaxial Transistor
MC74HC367ADTEL ON SemiconductorHex 3-State NonInverting Buffer with Separate 2-Bit and 4-Bit Sections
MC10H113ML1 ON SemiconductorQuad Exclusive OR Gate
MJE700 ON SemiconductorPlastic Darlington Complementary Silicon Power Transistors
MPSA13RLRA ON SemiconductorDarlington Transistors NPN
MC74HC00AFR1 ON SemiconductorQuad 2-Input NAND Gate
BC308C ON SemiconductorAmplifier Transistor PNP
MC74ACT175D ON SemiconductorQuad D Flip-Flop With Master Reset
MC33067DW ON SemiconductorHigh Performance Resonant Mode Controller
MC33460SQ-27ATR ON SemiconductorUnder Voltage Detector Series
MPSA92RL ON SemiconductorHigh Voltage Transistor PNP
MC74HC4053DT ON Semiconductor8-Channel Analog Multiplexer/Demultiplexer
SN74LS640DWR2 ON SemiconductorOctal Bus Transceivers
MC10H210ML1 ON SemiconductorDual 3-Input 3-Output OR Gate
BAW56LT3 ON SemiconductorMonolithic Dual Common Anode Switching Diode
MC74ACT132M ON SemiconductorQuad 2 Input NAND Schmitt Trigger

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