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3TA PI74ALVC162835FA PI74FCT253TS PI74ALVCHT16244V PI74FCT16260TA PI74LCX573L PS301CUA PI74VCX16245A PI3B162210 PI74FCT2151TS PI3VT34X245B PI74FCT153TS PI74ALVCH16721V PI74FCT162652TV PI74FCT541TS PI74LPT16373V PI74FCT138TQ PS4051ESE PI5C3126CW PI29FCT521T PS397CAI PI74FCT534TR P

Pericom Semiconductor Fiches catalogue-38

Partie nFabricantApplication
PS381CSE Pericom SemiconductorPrecision, 17V analog switch
PI74FCT16543TA Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS 16-bit latched transceiver
PI74ALVC162835FA Pericom Semiconductor18-bit universal bus driver with 3-state outputs
PI74FCT253TS Pericom SemiconductorHigh-speed CMOS dual 4-input multiplexer
PI74ALVCHT16244V Pericom Semiconductor16-bit buffer/driver with 3-state outputs
PI74FCT16260TA Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS 16-bit tri-port bus exchanger
PI74LCX573L Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS 3.3V 8-bit transparent latch
PS301CUA Pericom SemiconductorPrecision, single-supply SPST analog switch
PI74VCX16245A Pericom Semiconductor2.5V 16-bit bidirectional transceiver with 3-state outputs
PI3B162210 Pericom Semiconductor3.3V, hot insertion 20-bit, 2-port bus exchange switch
PI74FCT2151TS Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS 8-input multiplexer
PI3VT34X245B Pericom Semiconductor32-bit, 2-port low voltage translator bus switch
PI74FCT153TS Pericom SemiconductorHigh-speed CMOS dual 4-input multiplexer
PI74ALVCH16721V Pericom Semiconductor3.3V 20-bit flip-flop with 3-state outputs
PI74FCT162652TV Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS 16-bit registered transceiver
PI74FCT541TS Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS octal buffer/line driver
PI74LPT16373V Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS 3.3V 16-bit transparent latch
PI74FCT138TQ Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS 1-of-8 decoder
PS4051ESE Pericom Semiconductor17V CMOS analog multiplexer/switch
PI5C3126CW Pericom Semiconductor4-bit bus switch with 2V undershoot protection
PI29FCT521T Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS multilevel pipeline register
PS397CAI Pericom SemiconductorPrecision 16-channel/dual 8-channel, 17V analog multiplexer
PI74FCT534TR Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS octal D register (3-state)
PI3C16212B Pericom Semiconductor3.3V, 2-port, 20-bit bus switch
PI74FCT2240TP Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS octal buffer/line driver
PI3C3306L Pericom Semiconductor2.5/3.3V, high bandwidth, hot insertion, 2-bit, 2-port bus switch w/ individual enables
PI74FCT651TS Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS octal registered transceiver
PI6C185-01L Pericom SemiconductorPrecision 1-5 clock buffer
PI74FCT861TQ Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS bus transceiver
PI74FCT2640TH Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS octal bidirectional transceiver

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