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V55-B9V1 BZX79-A51 P83C749EBAA BZX79-F33 BAV170 BZG03-C150 BAW62 PMLL4151 74HCT4053U PXAC37KBBD P80C58SBPN BAS70-06W BZX284-C4V3 TDA9855 BZX79-A6V2 BU4525AF HEF4555BD P80C851IBP PCF8574AP PZM47N TZA3023U/C3 SA1638BE BT139-800 74LVC162373ADGG BAT54S BZX79-B3V6 BT136X-600F BTA212B-

Philips Fiches catalogue-83

Partie nFabricantApplication
BZX84-A9V1 PhilipsVoltage regulator diode.
BGD506 Philips24 V, CATV amplifier module
BZV55-B9V1 PhilipsVoltage regulator diodes
BZX79-A51 PhilipsVoltage regulator diode.
P83C749EBAA Philips3.5-16 MHz, 80C51 8-bit microcontroller familly 2K/64 OTR/ROM
BZX79-F33 PhilipsVoltage regulator diodes
BAV170 PhilipsLow-leakage double diode
BZG03-C150 PhilipsVoltage regulator diode. Working voltage (nom) 150 V.
BAW62 PhilipsHigh-speed diode. Repetitive peak reverse voltage 75 V.
PMLL4151 PhilipsHigh-speed diodes
74HCT4053U PhilipsTriple 2-channel analog multiplexer/demultiplexer
PXAC37KBBD Philips32 MHz, 16-bit microcontroller family
P80C58SBPN Philips16 MHz, 2.7-5.5 V, 80C51 8-bit microcontroller family
BAS70-06W PhilipsSchottky barrier (double) diode.
BZX284-C4V3 PhilipsVoltage regulator diodes
TDA9855 PhilipsI2C-bus controlled BTSC stereo/SAP decoder
BZX79-A6V2 PhilipsVoltage regulator diode.
BU4525AF PhilipsSilicon Diffused Power Transistor
HEF4555BD PhilipsDual 1-of-4 decoder/demultiplexer
P80C851IBP Philips3.5-24 MHz, CMOS single-chip 8-bit microcontroller with on-chip EEPROM
PCF8574AP Philips6 V, remote 8-bit I/O expander for I2C-bus
PZM47N Philips47 V, 5 mA, voltage regulator diode
TZA3023U/C3 PhilipsSDH/SONET STM4/OC12 transimpedance amplifier
SA1638BE PhilipsLow voltage IF I/Q transceiver.
BT139-800 PhilipsTriacs
74LVC162373ADGG Philips16-bit D-type transparent latch with 30 ohm series termination resistors; 5 V input/output tolerant; 3-state
BAT54S PhilipsSchottky barrier (double) diode.
BZX79-B3V6 PhilipsVoltage regulator diodes
BT136X-600F PhilipsTriacs
BTA212B-800C Philips800 V, three quadrant triac high commutation

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