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BA17808FP 2SB1184 SML-020MLT EDZ4.7B RPI-246 BA7021 BA7604N UDZ3.3B 2N3904 BU2185F BA10393 BA3313L BA3430FS BA6832FS BA5921FP 2SD1226M DTA114YE DAN209S BR24C02F-W NE2002-VA10A RPI-131 BA6790FP LB-302MP LA-101MK RPM-25PT BP5310 BA7602F BH7800K

ROHM Fiches catalogue-21

Partie nFabricantApplication
DTA124TUA ROHMDigital PNP transistor (with resistor)
BA7726AFS ROHMAnalog compander with vocal fader for KARAOKE
BA17808FP ROHM8V regulator
2SB1184 ROHMPNP silicon power transistor
SML-020MLT ROHMTwo-color (red/green) chip LED with reflector
EDZ4.7B ROHMZener diode
RPI-246 ROHMPhotointerrupter, double-layer mold type
BA7021 ROHMVideo signal switcher
BA7604N ROHMVideo signal switcher
UDZ3.3B ROHMZener diode
2N3904 ROHMNPN general purpose transistor
BU2185F ROHMClock generator
BA10393 ROHMDual comparator
BA3313L ROHMDual preamplifier with ALC detector circuit
BA3430FS ROHMStereo pre-amplifier with mute detection circuit for car stereos
BA6832FS ROHMVoice coil motor driver
BA5921FP ROHM4-channel BTL driver for CD player and CD-ROM
2SD1226M ROHMNPN transistor for medium power amplifier, 80V 0.7A
DTA114YE ROHMDigital PNP transistor (with resistors)
DAN209S ROHMDual diode for ultra-high-speed switching, 80V
BR24C02F-W ROHMSpindle motor driver IC CD-ROM/RW
NE2002-VA10A ROHMNear edge thermal printhead (8 dots/mm)
RPI-131 ROHMPhotointerrupter, double-layer mold type
BA6790FP ROHM4-channel BTL driver for CD player
LB-302MP ROHMHigh efficiency, two-digit numeric display
LA-101MK ROHMHigh efficiency, single-digit numeric display
RPM-25PT ROHMPhototransistor, side view type
BP5310 ROHMPCMCIA/flash memory power supply
BA7602F ROHMVideo signal switcher
BH7800K ROHMSingle chip Hi-Fi audio signal processor

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