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44TUA SLR-322VC BA6208 BH3540AFS SLA-560LT 2SA933AS SML-010PT EDZ5.6B LB-402VF BU4093BF DTA144TE BA3571F BU8310AK BR24E08F DTC115GKA BA9756FS BC848C BA6109 BA6664FM DTC143EKA KF2008-GR10A BA5416 BA7062F DTA144EUA UDZ18B LM-1256LB BA03ST DTC114WKA

ROHM Fiches catalogue-51

Partie nFabricantApplication
BA6897S ROHM4-channel BTL driver for CD player
2SD1898 ROHMNPN silicon power transistor
DTA144TUA ROHMDigital PNP transistor (with resistor)
SLR-322VC ROHMReflecting small directly mountable LED (clear red)
BA6208 ROHMReversible motor driver
BH3540AFS ROHMHeadphone amplifier with interal LPF and EVR for CD-ROM
SLA-560LT ROHMHigh luminance, small LED
2SA933AS ROHM50V, 0.15A general purpose transistor
SML-010PT ROHMChip (green) LED with reflector
EDZ5.6B ROHMZener diode
LB-402VF ROHMHigh efficiency, two-digit numeric display
BU4093BF ROHMQuad 2-input NAND Schmitt trigger
DTA144TE ROHMDigital PNP transistor (with resistor)
BA3571F ROHMHeadphone driver for portable CD player
BU8310AK ROHMPanel interface
BR24E08F ROHMI2C BUS compatible serial EEPROM
DTC115GKA ROHMDigital NPN transistor (with resistors)
BA9756FS ROHMHigh-voltage control circuit for CTR displays
BC848C ROHMNPN general purpose transistor
BA6109 ROHMReversible motor driver
BA6664FM ROHM3-phase motor driver for CD-ROM
DTC143EKA ROHMDigital NPN transistor (with resistors)
KF2008-GR10A ROHMThick film thermal printhead (8 dot/mm)
BA5416 ROHMHigh-output dual power amplifier
BA7062F ROHMSYNC separator IC with AFC
DTA144EUA ROHMDigital PNP transistor (with resistors)
UDZ18B ROHMZener diode
LM-1256LB ROHM16x16 matrix display
BA03ST ROHMLow saturation voltage type regulator with ON/OFF switch
DTC114WKA ROHMDigital NPN transistor (with resistors)

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