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1 GP2S09 LH521028U-35 GP1A70R PQ05RA11 GL8HS5 LH5496HD-80 GL2HY6 PC817XI4 LT3K31W GL3TR44 LH5116HD-10 GL5PR40 PC915 LH28F320BJE-PBTL90 LH28F800BGHB-TL85 GP1U283X GL381 GL8KG42 LQ039Q2DS02 LQ150X1DG11 LH28F002SCN-L170 GP1S33 LH28F016SCN-L95 GP1S59 LH530800AN LRS1331 PD413PI LH5402

Sharp Fiches catalogue-57

Partie nFabricantApplication
LH540204D-35 SharpCMOS 1096 x 9 asynchronous FIFO
PQ05SZ51 SharpLow power-loss voltage regulator
GP2S09 SharpSubminiature photointerrupter
LH521028U-35 SharpCMOS 64K x 18 static RAM
GP1A70R SharpOPIC photointerrupter with encoder functions
PQ05RA11 SharpLow power-loss voltage regulator
GL8HS5 SharpLED lamp
LH5496HD-80 SharpCMOS 512 x 9 FIFO
GL2HY6 SharpLED lamp
PC817XI4 SharpPhotocoupler
LT3K31W SharpLED lamp
GL3TR44 Sharp3mm(T-1), cylinder type, colorless transparency, hidh-luminosity LED lamp for backlight/indicator
LH5116HD-10 SharpCMOS 16K (2K x 8)static RAM
GL5PR40 Sharp5mm(T-1 3/4),cylinder type,colored transparency LED lamps for indicator
PC915 SharpWide band linear output type OPIC photocoupler
LH28F320BJE-PBTL90 SharpFlash memory 32M (2M x 16/4 x 8)
LH28F800BGHB-TL85 Sharp8M-bit(512KB x 16)smart voltage Flash Memory
GP1U283X SharpCompact IR detecting unit for remote control
GL381 SharpHigh output, 3mm resin mold type infrared emitting diode
GL8KG42 SharpLED lamp
LQ039Q2DS02 SharpColor TFT-LCD module
LQ150X1DG11 SharpColor TFT-LCD module
LH28F002SCN-L170 Sharp2-MBIT (256KB x 8) smart voltage flash memory
GP1S33 SharpSubminiature photointerrupter
LH28F016SCN-L95 SharpLH28F016SCN-L95 16M (2M x 8)Smart Voltage Flash Memory
GP1S59 SharpHorizontal slit type photointerrupter
LH530800AN SharpCMOS 1M(128K x 8) static RAM
LRS1331 SharpStacked chip 16M flash and 4M SRAM
PD413PI SharpHigh speed type photodiode
LH540225M-35 Sharp512 x 18/1024 x 18 asynchronous FIFO

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