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517TR PT380 S212S02 PC354NT PC930 LH543601M-35 LH532100BSR LZ0P3611 GP1U271R LJ64EU34 LM32P18 GL3HY63 PC875 LH28F004SUT-Z1 LH5P8129N-80 LH28F008SCT-V12 BSFJ77G10 PC702V6 GP1A17 GL480 SM8503 LH28F800BGHB-TL12 LH540235M-20 LH28F800BGHB-BL12 GP1F361T PC714V GP1L50 LZ0P3800

Sharp Fiches catalogue-79

Partie nFabricantApplication
GL8HD42 SharpLED lamp
PQ12RA1 SharpLow power-loss voltage regulator
LH53517TR SharpCMOS 512K(64K X 8) Mask-Programmable ROM
PT380 SharpHigh sensitivity,3mm resin mold type phototransistor
S212S02 SharpSIR type SSR for medium power control
PC354NT SharpMini-flat package AC input type photocoupler
PC930 SharpDigital output, high sensitivity type OPIC photocoupler
LH543601M-35 Sharp256 x 36 x 2 bidirectional FIFO
LH532100BSR SharpCMOS 2M(256K x 8) Mask-Programmable ROM
LZ0P3611 Sharp1/4-type built-in lens color CCD area sensor with 270K pixels
GP1U271R SharpAnti electromagnetic induction noise type compact IR detecting unit for remote control
LJ64EU34 SharpEL display module
LM32P18 SharpMedium size craphic type LCD module
GL3HY63 Sharp3mm(T-1), cylinder type, colored diffusion LED lamp for backlight/indicator
PC875 SharpHigh sensitivity,low collector dark current,high collector-emitter voltage type photocoupler
LH28F004SUT-Z1 Sharp4M (512K x 8) flash memory
LH5P8129N-80 SharpCMOS 1M(128K x 8)CS-control pseudo-static RAM
LH28F008SCT-V12 Sharp8M-bit(1MB x 8)smart 5 Flash Memory
BSFJ77G10 SharpSatellite tuner
PC702V6 SharpHigh collector-emitter voltage type Photocoupler
GP1A17 SharpWide gap type, OPIC photointerrupter
GL480 SharpInfrared emitting diode
SM8503 Sharp8-bit single-chip microcomputer (controller for general purpose)
LH28F800BGHB-TL12 Sharp8M-bit(512KB x 16)smart voltage Flash Memory
LH540235M-20 Sharp2048 x 18/4096 x 18 asynchronous FIFO
LH28F800BGHB-BL12 Sharp8M-bit(512KB x 16)smart voltage Flash Memory
GP1F361T SharpOptical mini-jack for digital audio equipment
PC714V SharpHigh isolation voltage type,general purpose Photocoupler
GP1L50 SharpHigh sensitivity photointerrupter
LZ0P3800 Sharp1/4-type built-in lens color CMOS image sensor with 110K pixels

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