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RF1S9630SM RF1S40N10SM RFD8P06E ACS573MS CDP1853C CDP1802BC HIN238ECB HI5741 CA3228 HUF76107P3 HCS21MS ICL7650S HIP6004ACB HGTG15N120C3 RFP15N08L HSP45256 HGTG20N120C3D HFA3664 HIN236A HIN235ACP IRFP150N RURU10060 HI20206 HIN211ACA-T HGTG20N60C3D HA4-5102/883 HCS160MS RHRP15100

Intersil Fiches catalogue-56

Partie nFabricantApplication
HUF76645S3S Intersil75A, 100V, 0.015 Ohm, N-Channel, Logic Level UltraFET Power MOSFET
HIN235CP Intersil+5V powered RS-232 transmitters/receivers
RF1S9630SM Intersil6.5A, 200V, 0.800 Ohm, P-Channel Power MOSFETs
RF1S40N10SM Intersil40A, 100V, 0.040 Ohm, N-Channel Power MOSFETs
RFD8P06E Intersil8A, 60V, 0.300 Ohm, P-Channel Power MOSFETs
ACS573MS IntersilRadiation Hardened Octal Three-State Transparent Latch
CDP1853C IntersilN-Bit 1 of 8 Decoder
CDP1802BC IntersilCMOS 8-Bit Microprocessors
HIN238ECB Intersil+/-15kV, ESD-protected, +5V powered RS-232 transmitters/receivers
HI5741 Intersil14-Bit, 100 MSPS, High Speed D/A Converter
CA3228 IntersilSpeed Control System with Memory
HUF76107P3 Intersil20A, 30V, 0.052 Ohm, N-Channel, Logic Level UltraFET Power MOSFETs
HCS21MS IntersilRadiation Hardened Dual 4-Input AND Gate
ICL7650S Intersil2MHz, Super Chopper-Stabilized Operational Amplifier
HIP6004ACB IntersilBuck and synchronous-rectifier (PWM) controller and output voltage monitor
HGTG15N120C3 Intersil35A, 1200V, UFS Series N-Channel IGBTs
RFP15N08L Intersil15A, 80V, 0.140 Ohm, Logic Level, N-Channel Power MOSFET
HSP45256 IntersilBinary Correlator
HGTG20N120C3D Intersil45A, 1200V, UFS Series N-Channel IGBT
HFA3664 Intersil2.7GHz UpConverter with Gain Control
HIN236A IntersilHigh Speed +5V Powered RS-232 Transmitters/Receivers
HIN235ACP IntersilHigh speed +5V powered RS-232 transmitters/receivers
IRFP150N Intersil44A, 100V, 0.030 Ohm, N-Channel Power MOSFET
RURU10060 Intersil100A, 600V Ultrafast Diode
HI20206 IntersilTriple 8-Bit, 35 MSPS, RGB, 3-Channel D/A Converter
HIN211ACA-T IntersilHigh speed +5V powered RS-232 transmitters/receivers
HGTG20N60C3D Intersil45A, 600V, UFS Series N-Channel IGBT with Anti-Parallel Hyperfast Diode
HA4-5102/883 IntersilDual, low noise, high performance operational amplifier
HCS160MS IntersilRadiation Hardened BCD Decade Synchronous Counter
RHRP15100 Intersil15A, 1000V Hyperfast Diode

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