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QA HCTS365MS FRS234R HS-3530RH CA3081M HSP45116A FSPYC260F HI1171 HGTP7N60A4 FRM130R CA3083 HI-200 HS-80C86RH HIN208ECP HUF75337G3 HI1396 FRS9130D HUF76113DK8 DG508A RFD16N06LE FRF150D CDP1824C LCM7217BLJL CD4048BMS FRE160H RURU5060 HGTH20N40C1D HGTD6N50E1 HMU17

Intersil Fiches catalogue-65

Partie nFabricantApplication
IH5143 IntersilHigh-Level CMOS Analog Switches
5962-9052502MQA IntersilCMOS universal asynchronous receiver transmitter (UART), 8MHz = 500K BAUD
HCTS365MS IntersilRadiation Hardened Hex Buffer/Line Driver Non-Inverting
FRS234R Intersil5A, 250V, 0.715 Ohm, Rad Hard, N-Channel Power MOSFETs
HS-3530RH IntersilLow Power, Radiation Hardened Programmable Operational Amplier
CA3081M IntersilGeneral purpose high current NPN transistor arrays
HSP45116A IntersilNumerically Controlled Oscillator/Modulator
FSPYC260F IntersilRadiation Hardened, SEGR Resistant N-Channel Power MOSFETs
HI1171 Intersil8-Bit, 40 MSPS, High Speed D/A Converter
HGTP7N60A4 Intersil600V, SMPS Series N-Channel IGBT
FRM130R Intersil14A, 100V, 0.180 Ohm, Rad Hard, N-Channel Power MOSFETs
CA3083 IntersilGeneral purpose high current NPN transistor arrays
HI-200 IntersilDual/Quad SPST, CMOS Analog Switches
HS-80C86RH IntersilRadiation Hardened 16-Bit CMOS Microprocessor
HIN208ECP Intersil+/-15kV, ESD-protected, +5V powered RS-232 transmitters/receivers
HUF75337G3 Intersil75A, 55V, 0.014 Ohm, N-Channel UltraFET Power MOSFETs
HI1396 Intersil8-Bit, 125 MSPS, Flash A/D Converter
FRS9130D Intersil6A, -100V, 0.565 Ohm, Rad Hard, P-Channel Power MOSFETs
HUF76113DK8 Intersil6A, 30V, 0.032 Ohm, Dual N-Channel, Logic Level UltraFET Power MOSFET
DG508A IntersilCMOS Analog Multiplexers
RFD16N06LE Intersil16A, 60V, 0.047 Ohm, Logic Level, N-Channel Power MOSFETs
FRF150D Intersil25A, 100V, 0.07 Ohm, Rad Hard, N-Channel Power MOSFETs
CDP1824C Intersil32-Word x 8-Bit Static RAM
LCM7217BLJL Intersil4-digit LED display, programmable up/down counter
CD4048BMS IntersilRadiation Hardened CMOS Multifunction Expandable 8 Input Gate
FRE160H Intersil41A, 100V, 0.050 Ohm, Rad Hard, N-Channel Power MOSFETs
RURU5060 Intersil50A, 600V Ultrafast Diode
HGTH20N40C1D Intersil20A, 400V and 500V N-Channel IGBTs with Anti-Parallel Ultrafast Diodes
HGTD6N50E1 Intersil6A, 400V and 500V N-Channel IGBTs
HMU17 Intersil16 x 16-Bit CMOS Parallel Multipliers

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