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60E KIA7434F KHR1130A01 TIP42C KTD882 KTC2025L KIA78S06P KRA727E KIA79L18F KRC660U KRC868U KIA7915P KF899V KDR731S KDV269E BCW89 KTB598 KTA1718L KTK5164S KRC669E KN4402 KRA761E KRA766E KIA6040P KID65506F KIA78M05PI KTA711U KIA7021AF

KEC Fiches catalogue-11

Partie nFabricantApplication
KTD1824E KECHigh hFE Transistor
KRA319 KECPNP transistor for switching applications, interface circuit and driver circuit applications. With buit-in bias resistors (4.7 and 10 kOm)
KRC860E KECBuilt in Bias Resistor
KIA7434F KECActive High Voltage Detector
KHR1130A01 KECResonator
TIP42C KECPNP transistor for general purpose applications
KTD882 KECNPN transistor for audio frequency power amplifier and low speed switching applications
KTC2025L KECGeneral Purpose Transistor
KIA78S06P KEC6V, 150mA (max) three terminal positive voltage regulator
KRA727E KECBuilt in Bias Resistor
KIA79L18F KEC18V, 150mA three-terminal negative voltage regulator
KRC660U KECBuilt in Bias Resistor
KRC868U KECBuilt in Bias Resistor
KIA7915P KEC-15V, 1A three-terminal negative voltage regulator
KF899V KECWireless Data Communication
KDR731S KECSchottky Barrier Diode
KDV269E KECTV Tuning
BCW89 KECPNP transistor for general purpose and switching applications
KTB598 KECGeneral Purpose Transistor
KTA1718L KECSwitching Transistor
KTK5164S KECSMOS FET/ Analog Switch Application
KRC669E KECBuilt in Bias Resistor
KN4402 KECNPN transistor for general purpose applications and switching applications
KRA761E KECBuilt in Bias Resistor
KRA766E KECBuilt in Bias Resistor
KIA6040P KECAM/FM IF system IC for portable use
KID65506F KECSingle Driver (Common Collector)
KIA78M05PI KEC5V, 0.5A (max) three terminal positive voltage regulator
KTA711U KECGeneral Purpose Transistor
KIA7021AF KECActive Low Voltage Detector

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