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8R25API KRC109S KDS184 KIA78S24P 2N3906 T10A6CI KIA8403K KF474BV KF440S KDV262 KIA2109F KIA358F KTC1001 Z02W9.1V KRC845T KRC651E KDV804AM KF478BV KRC285S KDS196 B10A100VIC KIC7S08FU KRC286S KIA78D08F KN4402S MPSA43 KIA78S10P KTC4527F

KEC Fiches catalogue-4

Partie nFabricantApplication
KDR378 KECSchottky Barrier Diode
KTC2983L KECGeneral Purpose Transistor
KIA78R25API KEC1A 4-Terminal Low Drop(ON/OFF Controllable)
KRC109S KECNPN transistor for switching applications, interface circuit and driver circuit applications. With buit-in bias resistors (47 and 22 kOm)
KDS184 KECSilicon diode for ultra high speed switching applications
KIA78S24P KEC24V, 150mA (max) three terminal positive voltage regulator
2N3906 KECPNP transistor for general purpose and switching applications
T10A6CI KECAC Switching
KIA8403K KECVertical deflection output circuit for color television
KF474BV KEC400MHz-500MHz Band(150ohm)
KF440S KEC400MHz Band(50ohm)
KDV262 KECTV Tuning
KIA2109F KEC3-beam type PUH compatible RF amplifier for digital servo CD systems
KIA358F KECDual operational amplifier
KTC1001 KECNPN transistor for color TV chroma output applications
Z02W9.1V KEC9.1V zener diode for constant voltage regulation applications and reference voltage applications
KRC845T KECBuilt in Bias Resistor
KRC651E KECBuilt in Bias Resistor
KDV804AM KECVariable capacitance diode (VCO) for tuning of separate resonant circuit and push-pull circuit in FM range, especially for car audio
KF478BV KEC400MHz-500MHz Band(150ohm)
KRC285S KECBuilt in Bias Resistor
KDS196 KECSilicon diode for ultra high speed switching applications
B10A100VIC KECSchottky Barrier Diode
KIC7S08FU KEC2 Input AND Gate
KRC286S KECBuilt in Bias Resistor
KIA78D08F KEC1A Low Drop Voltage Regulator
KN4402S KECNPN transistor for general purpose applications and switching applications
MPSA43 KECHigh Voltage Transistor
KIA78S10P KEC10V, 150mA (max) three terminal positive voltage regulator
KTC4527F KECSwitching Transistor

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