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C74HC14AF MC74HC240AH MC33174VDW MC14538BD MC44603DW LM2576D2T-ADJ BC856BLT1 SN74LS132D MC1403BDR2 MC7805BT MC78M08BDT MC10115P MC1489DR2 2N5088 MC10125FNR2 MC74HCT574AFEL MC100EL57D 2N4403RL MC74HCT273ADT MC14081BFL2 MC10178L MC74LVX240DWR2 MC33463H-33KT1 MC74HCT74ADT MSC2295-CT

ON Semiconductor Fiches catalogue-122

Partie nFabricantApplication
MC10H159MR1 ON SemiconductorQuad 2-Input Multiplexer
BD677A ON SemiconductorPlastic Medium-Power Silicon NPN Darlingtons
MC74HC14AF ON SemiconductorHex Schmitt-Trigger Inverter
MC74HC240AH ON SemiconductorOctal With 3-State Outputs Inverting Buffer/Line Driver/Line Receiver
MC33174VDW ON SemiconductorLow Power, Single Supply Operational Amplifier
MC14538BD ON SemiconductorDual Precision Retriggerable/Resettable Monostable Multivibrator
MC44603DW ON SemiconductorMixed Frequency Mode GreenLine PWM Controller
LM2576D2T-ADJ ON SemiconductorEasy Switcher™ 3.0 A Step-Down Voltage Regulator
BC856BLT1 ON SemiconductorGeneral Purpose Transistor PNP
SN74LS132D ON SemiconductorQuad 2-Input Schmitt Trigger NAND Gate
MC1403BDR2 ON SemiconductorLow Voltage Reference
MC7805BT ON SemiconductorThree-Terminal Positive Voltage Regulator
MC78M08BDT ON SemiconductorThree-Terminal Medium Current Positive Voltage Regulator
MC10115P ON SemiconductorQuad Line Receiver
MC1489DR2 ON SemiconductorQuad Line Receivers
2N5088 ON SemiconductorAmplifier Transistor NPN
MC10125FNR2 ON SemiconductorQuad MECL to TTL Translator
MC74HCT574AFEL ON SemiconductorOctal 3-State NonInverting D Flip-Flop with LSTTL-Compatible Inputs
MC100EL57D ON Semiconductor41 Differential Multiplexer
2N4403RL ON SemiconductorGeneral Purpose Transistors PNP
MC74HCT273ADT ON SemiconductorOctal D Flip-Flop With Common Clock & Reset
MC14081BFL2 ON SemiconductorB-Suffix Series CMOS Gates
MC10178L ON SemiconductorBinary Counter
MC74LVX240DWR2 ON SemiconductorOctal Bus Buffer, Inverting with 5V-Tolerant Inputs
MC33463H-33KT1 ON SemiconductorVariable Frequency Micropower DC-to-DC Converter
MC74HCT74ADT ON SemiconductorDual D Flip-Flop With Set and Reset with LSTTL Compatible Inputs
MSC2295-CT2 ON SemiconductorRF Amplifier Transistor NPN
LP2950CZ-3.0RA ON SemiconductorMicropower Voltage Regulator
MC33470DW ON SemiconductorSynchronous Rectification, DC/DC Converter, Programmable Integrated Controller
MC74LCX373ML2 ON SemiconductorLow Voltage CMOS Octal transparent Latch with 5V-Tolerant Inputs and Outputs (3-state, Non-Inverting)

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