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Q LT1D97A GP1S39 PC847 LT1F67A GL4100 GP1S53V LH28F002SCHB-L170 S11MS7 LH28F160BGHB-TTL12 GL8T100 LH28F320S5NS-L12 LT9560J PC9D17 LH6V4256K-10 BSFJ78G07 PC816AD PC904A LH28F002SCHN-L120 PQ5TS1B LH543621P-15 LH28F400BG-L85 SM563 LH530800AN-Y LH52256CD-70LL GL5UR8 GP1A21 GP1U287X L

Sharp Fiches catalogue-27

Partie nFabricantApplication
LH5164AHT-80L SharpCMOS 64K (8K x 8)static RAM
PC3Q66Q SharpMni-flat package,high collector-emitter voltage type half pitch photocoupler
LT1D97A SharpLeadless chip LED device
GP1S39 SharpSubminiature, wide gap photointerrupter
PC847 SharpHigh density mounting type photocoupler
LT1F67A SharpLeadless chip LED device
GL4100 SharpSide view and thin flat type infrared emittting diode
GP1S53V SharpCompact photointerrupter
LH28F002SCHB-L170 Sharp2-MBIT (256KB x 8) smart voltage flash memory
S11MS7 SharpHigh speed/high noise resistance type phototriac coupler
LH28F160BGHB-TTL12 Sharp16M-bit(1MB x 16)smart 3 Flash Memory
GL8T100 SharpNumeric LED
LH28F320S5NS-L12 Sharp32-MBIT (4MB x 8/2MB x 16)Smart 5 Flash Memory
LT9560J SharpLED large lamp
PC9D17 SharpHigh speed,high common mode rejection,2-channel OPIC photocoupler
LH6V4256K-10 SharpCMOS 1M(256K x 4) dynamic RAM
BSFJ78G07 SharpSatellite tuner
PC816AD SharpHigh collector-emitter voltage,high density mounting type photocoupler
PC904A SharpBuilt-in voltage detection circuit type photocoupler
LH28F002SCHN-L120 Sharp2-MBIT (256KB x 8) smart voltage flash memory
PQ5TS1B SharpLow power-loss voltage regulator
LH543621P-15 Sharp1K x 36 x 2 synchronous bidirectional FIFO
LH28F400BG-L85 Sharp4M-BIT (256K x 16)Smart Voltage Flash Memory
SM563 Sharp4-bit single-chip microcomputer(LCD driver)
LH530800AN-Y SharpCMOS 1M(128K x 8)3 V-drive MROM
LH52256CD-70LL SharpCMOS 256K (32K x 8) static RAM
GL5UR8 SharpSuper-luminosity LED lamp/High-luminosity LED lamp
GP1A21 SharpOPIC photointerrupter with connector
GP1U287X SharpCompact IR detecting unit for remote control
LH28F016SCN-L100 SharpLH28F016SCN-L100 16M (2M x 8)Smart Voltage Flash Memory

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