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LM64P89L GL3HD8 GP2D05 LH534A00T IR2C24N BSFH77G25 PC814A LH540205D-20 PC813A GP1U78R GP2S24 LT0H49L LH28F008SCD-L85 LH28F004SUT-NC80 PQ05RH1 GL9HP4 LQ0DDB5131 LT1ED67A LT9560U LJ64K051 PC81712NSZ LH543620P-25 LH540245U-35 PD411PI PC8Q66 ID244E01 LT9525S SM8314

Sharp Fiches catalogue-35

Partie nFabricantApplication
LH540204U-25 SharpCMOS 1096 x 9 asynchronous FIFO
GL2HS6 SharpLED lamp
LM64P89L SharpLarge size type LCD module
GL3HD8 Sharp3mm(T-1), cylinder type, colored diffusion LED lamp for indicator
GP2D05 SharpDistance measuring sensor of 1-bit output
LH534A00T SharpCMOS 4M(512K X 8) Mask-Programmable ROM
IR2C24N Sharp6-unit 320mA transistor array
BSFH77G25 SharpSatellite tuner
PC814A SharpAC input photocoupler
LH540205D-20 SharpCMOS 8192 x 9 asynchronous FIFO
PC813A SharpAC input type & high noise reduction type photocoupler
GP1U78R SharpIR detecting unit for remote control
GP2S24 SharpSubminiature photointerrupter
LT0H49L SharpCompact honogram laser
LH28F008SCD-L85 Sharp8MBIT (1 MB x 8)Smart Voltage Flash Memory 40pin DIP
LH28F004SUT-NC80 Sharp4M (512K x 8) flash memory
PQ05RH1 SharpLow power-loss voltage regulator
GL9HP4 SharpDichromatic LED lamp
LQ0DDB5131 SharpBacklight unit
LT1ED67A SharpDichromatic leadless chip LED device
LT9560U SharpLED large lamp
LJ64K051 SharpEL display module
PC81712NSZ SharpLow input current type photocoupler
LH543620P-25 Sharp1024 x 36 synchronous FIFO
LH540245U-35 Sharp2048 x 18/4096 x 18 asynchronous FIFO
PD411PI SharpCompact package type photodiode with condensing lens
PC8Q66 SharpLow driving current type photocoupler
ID244E01 Sharp4MB flash memory card
LT9525S SharpLED lamp
SM8314 Sharp8-bit single-chip microcomputer (controller for home appliances

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