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3281EUA A6811EEP A3280LLH UCN5890A UGN3060KA A3362EUA A3161ELT A2557ELB ULN2824LW A3054SU-15 A3054SU-23 A2526EL A8205SLH-2.7 UDN2597A A3955SB ULQ2823LW ULS-2070R A3195ELT UCN5910LW A3425LK A3122ELT UCQ5833A UCN5804LB A8205SLH-3.6 STRS6401F UDN2982A A3933SEQ A8909CLB

Allegro Fiches catalogue-11

Partie nFabricantApplication
UCQ5841LW AllegroBiMOS II 8-Bit serial-input, latched driver
A3508LUA AllegroRatiometric,linear hall-effect sensor for high-temperature operation
A3281EUA AllegroChopper-stabilized,precision hall-effect latch
A6811EEP AllegroDABic-IV,12-Bit serial-input,latched source driver
A3280LLH AllegroChopper-stabilized,precision hall-effect latch
UCN5890A AllegroBiMOS II dual 8-Bit serial-input, latched source driver
UGN3060KA AllegroHall-effect gear-tooth sensor
A3362EUA Allegro2-WIRE,chopper-stabilized,hall-effect latch switch
A3161ELT AllegroHall-effect switch for 2-wire applications
A2557ELB AllegroProtected quad low-side driver with fault detection & sleep mode
ULN2824LW AllegroHigh-voltage, high-current darlington arrays
A3054SU-15 AllegroMultiplexed two-wire hall-effect sensor ICs
A3054SU-23 AllegroMultiplexed two-wire hall-effect sensor ICs
A2526EL AllegroUSB dual power control switches
A8205SLH-2.7 AllegroLow-dropout regulator
UDN2597A Allegro8-channel saturated sink drivers
A3955SB AllegroFull-bridge PWM microstepping motor driver
ULQ2823LW AllegroHigh-voltage, high-current darlington arrays
ULS-2070R Allegro1.25A quad darlington switch
A3195ELT AllegroProtected, high-temperature, hall-effect latch with active pull-down
UCN5910LW AllegroHigh-voltage BiMOS III 10-Bit serial-input, latched driver
A3425LK AllegroDual,chopper-stabilized,ultra-sensitive,bipolar hall-effect switch
A3122ELT AllegroHall-effect switche for high-temperature operation
UCQ5833A AllegroBiMOS II 32-Bit serial-input, latched driver
UCN5804LB AllegroBiMOS II unipolar sepper-motor translator/driver
A8205SLH-3.6 AllegroLow-dropout regulator
STRS6401F AllegroOff-line switching regulator
UDN2982A Allegro8-channel source drivers
A3933SEQ AllegroThree phase power MOSFET controller
A8909CLB Allegro3-phase brushless DC motor controller/driver with back-EMF sensing and power DMOS outputs

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