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N2549B A8227SLH A3281LUA-TL STR-S6708 A3122EU A3054SU-13 UDN2596A A3362EEUA-TL UCN5833A ULN2003L STRS5708 ATS610LSC A2984ELW A3952SLB A2557SB A8188SLT-25 A6595KA UGN3501UA A8188SLT-32 UDK2547EB UCN5818EPF A8188SL-31 A3134LUA A8205SLH-4.0 A3054KU-18 UDQ2984LW ULS-2067H ULS-2068R

Allegro Fiches catalogue-14

Partie nFabricantApplication
A6811EA AllegroDABic-IV,12-Bit serial-input,latched source driver
UGN3059KA AllegroHall-effect gear-tooth sensor
UDN2549B AllegroProtected quad power drivers
A8227SLH AllegroLow-dropout regulator
A3281LUA-TL AllegroChopper-stabilized,precision hall-effect latch
STR-S6708 AllegroOff-line switching regulator
A3122EU AllegroHall-effect switche for high-temperature operation
A3054SU-13 AllegroMultiplexed two-wire hall-effect sensor ICs
UDN2596A Allegro8-channel saturated sink drivers
A3362EEUA-TL Allegro2-WIRE,chopper-stabilized,hall-effect latch switch
UCN5833A AllegroBiMOS II 32-bit serial-input latched driver
ULN2003L AllegroHigh-voltage, high-current darlington arrays
STRS5708 AllegroOff-line switching regulator
ATS610LSC AllegroDynamic, peak-detecting,differential hall-effect gear-tooth sensors
A2984ELW Allegro8-channel source drivers
A3952SLB AllegroFull-bridge PWM motor driver
A2557SB AllegroProtected quad low-side driver with fault detection & sleep mode
A8188SLT-25 AllegroLow-dropout regulator
A6595KA Allegro8-Bit serial-input,DMOS power driver
UGN3501UA AllegroLinear output hall effect sensor
A8188SLT-32 AllegroLow-dropout regulator
UDK2547EB AllegroProtected quad power drivers
UCN5818EPF AllegroBiMOS II 32-Bit serial-input, latched source driver with active-DMOS pull-down
A8188SL-31 AllegroLow-dropout regulator
A3134LUA AllegroBipolar hall-effect switch for high-temperature operation
A8205SLH-4.0 AllegroLow-dropout regulator
A3054KU-18 AllegroMultiplexed two-wire hall-effect sensor ICs
UDQ2984LW Allegro8-channel source drivers
ULS-2067H Allegro1.25A quad darlington switch
ULS-2068R Allegro1.25A quad darlington switch

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