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188SLT-33 A8284SLB A2580SLW A3961SB A3955SLB A3142LUA STR50103A ULS-2803H STR-S6411F ULN2068LB A8188SLT-28 UDQ2559LB A3952KLB A5347CA A3518LUA-TL STR-S6529 UGN3177U A5355CA UCQ5810EPF UDQ2982LW A8205SLH-3.0 A8228SLM A8181SLB STR-F6626 A3185EUA A3421LKA-TL A2927SEB A3188LUA

Allegro Fiches catalogue-22

Partie nFabricantApplication
A8228SLH AllegroLow-dropout regulator
A3210EUA AllegroMicropower, ultra-sensitive hall-effect switch
A8188SLT-33 AllegroLow-dropout regulator
A8284SLB AllegroTwo-output LNB supply and control-voltage regulator
A2580SLW Allegro8-channel source drivers
A3961SB AllegroDual full-bridge PWM motor driver
A3955SLB AllegroFull-bridge PWM microstepping motor driver
A3142LUA AllegroSensitive hall-effect switche for high-temperature operation
STR50103A AllegroVoltage regulator
ULS-2803H AllegroHigh-voltage, high-current darlington array
STR-S6411F AllegroOff-line switching regulator
ULN2068LB AllegroQuad 1.5A darlington switches
A8188SLT-28 AllegroLow-dropout regulator
UDQ2559LB AllegroProtected quad power driver
A3952KLB AllegroFull-bridge PWM motor driver
A5347CA AllegroSmoke detector with interconnect and timer
A3518LUA-TL AllegroRatiometric,linear hall-effect sensor for high-temperature operation
STR-S6529 AllegroOff-line switching regulator
UGN3177U AllegroHall-effect latche
A5355CA AllegroSmoke detector with interconnect
UCQ5810EPF AllegroBiMOS II 10-Bit serial-input, latched source driver with active-DMOS pull-down
UDQ2982LW Allegro8-channel source drivers
A8205SLH-3.0 AllegroLow-dropout regulator
A8228SLM AllegroLow-dropout regulator
A8181SLB AllegroLow-dropout,5V regulator - high efficiency
STR-F6626 AllegroOff-line quasi-resonant flyback switching regulator, drain-source voltage 450V
A3185EUA AllegroHall-effect latche for high-temperature operation
A3421LKA-TL AllegroHall-effect,direction-detection sensor
A2927SEB AllegroDual full-bridge PWM motor driver
A3188LUA AllegroHall-effect latche for high-temperature operation

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