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MaximIC Fiches catalogue-127

Partie nFabricantApplication
MAX6337US21D2-T MaximICUltra-low-voltage, low-power microprocessor circuit with manual reset (reset output active-low, open-drain) . Reset threshold(typ) 2.1V, reset timeout(min) 20ms.
MAX6808UR26-T MaximICVoltage detector. Reset output active-low, open-drain. Threshold reset 2.6V
MAX192AEAP MaximICLow-power, 8-channel, serial 10-bit ADC. Error(LSB) +-1/2.
MAX3223ECPP MaximIC+-15kV ESD-protected, 1microA, 3.0 to 5.5V, 250kbps, RS-232 transceiver with AutoShutdown.
MAX6378UR45-T MaximICUltra-low-power voltage detector, 4.5V
MAX6318MHUK27CX-T MaximICMicroprocessor supervisory circuit with watchdog input (watchdog input,reset output active-high,push/pull and active-low, bidirectional).Factory-trimmed reset threshold(typ) 2.700V, reset timeout(min) 140ms, watchdog timeout(typ) 102ms
MAX5355EPA MaximIC10-bit voltage-output DAC. +3.3V single supply operation.
MX7534SQ MaximICMicroprocessor-compatible, 14-bit DAC. INL +-2 LSB.
MAX437MJA MaximICLow noise, high-precision op amp. 60MHz gain-bandwidth product.
MAX6504CMN035-T MaximICLow-cost, +2.7V to +5.5V micropower temperature switch. Output stage push-pull. Standard temperature threshold(C) -35.
MAX407MJA MaximIC1.2microA max, dual, single-supply op amp.
MAX6306UK38D2-T MaximICMultiple-input, programmable reset IC (open-drain reset output, factory-set reset threshold on Vcc, 1 additional undervoltage reset input, manual reset input). Factory-trimmed reset thresholds 3.705(min),3.895(max) Nominal timeout period 20ms.
MAX6310UK42D1-T MaximICMultiple-input, programmable reset IC(push/pull reset output,factory-set reset threshold on Vcc,1 additional undervoltage reset input,negative overvoltage reset input).Factory-trimmed reset thresholds 4.095(min),4.305(max). Nominal timeout period 1ms.
MAX6321HPUK30DY-T MaximICMicroprocessor supervisory circuit with watchdog (watchdog input, reset outputs active-high, push/pull and active-low, open-drain).Factory-trimmed reset threshold(typ) 3.000V, reset timeout(min) 1.12sec, watchdog timeout(typ) 1.6sec
MAX4274AOEUA MaximICDual, Rail-to-Rail, GainAmp op amp with precision internal gain-setting resistors. Rf/Rg inverting gain 9, 1+ (Rf/Dg) noninverting gain 10, -3dB BW 640kHz.
MAX805TCPA MaximIC3.0V or 3.3V microprocessor supervisory circuit. Reset threshold 3.075V. Active-high reset. Watchdog input. Backup-battery switch. Power-fail threshold accuracy +-4%. Power-fail comparator. Reset window +-75mV
MAX6318MHUK46CX-T MaximICMicroprocessor supervisory circuit with watchdog input (watchdog input,reset output active-high,push/pull and active-low, bidirectional).Factory-trimmed reset threshold(typ) 4.630V, reset timeout(min) 140ms, watchdog timeout(typ) 102ms
MAX821SUS-T MaximICMicroprocessor voltage monitor with pin-selectable power-on reset timeout delay (1ms,max, 20ms,min or 100ms,min). Reset threshold(nom) 2.93V. Active-low reset output.
MXD1000SE25 MaximIC5-tap silicon delay line
MX7575KEQP MaximICCMOS, microprocessor-compatible, fast conversion time 5 microsec, 8-bit ADC. INL +-1/2 LSB.
MAX491EEPD MaximIC+-15kV ESD-protected, low-power, RS-485/RS-422 transceiver. Full-duplex. Data rate 2.5Mbps. Slew-rate limited - no. Low-power shutdown - no. Receiver/driver enable - yes. Quiescent current - 300 microA. Number of transmitter on bus - 32.
MAX6316MUK31BZ-T MaximICMicroprocessor supervisory circuit with watchdog and manual reset (watchdog input,manual reset input,reset output active-low,bidirectional).Factory-trimmed reset threshold (typ) 3.080V, min reset timeout 20ms, typ watchdog timeout 25.6sec
MAX503ENG MaximIC5V, low-power, parallel-input, voltage-output 10-bit DAC.
DG387BWE MaximICGeneral purpose CMOS dual analog switch.
MAX825TEUK MaximICMicroprocessor supervisory circuit. Reset threshold 3.08V. Active-low reset. Active-high reset. Manual reset input.
MAX6318LHUK40DX-T MaximICMicroprocessor supervisory circuit with watchdog and manual reset,(watchdog input,reset output active-low,push/pull; active-high,push/pull).Factory-trimmed reset threshold(typ) 4.000V min, reset timeout 1.12sec,typ watchdog timeout 102ms
MAX230EPP MaximIC+5V-powered, multichannel RS-232 driver-receiver.
ICL8069CMSQ2 MaximICLow-voltage reference, 50 ppm/C - max temp. coefficient.
MX7847SQ MaximICComplete, dual, 12-bit multiplying DAC. 12-bit parallel interface. Error (LSB) +-1
MAX829EUK MaximICSwitched-capacitor voltage inverter. 35kHz. +1.5V to +5.5V input voltage range.

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