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MaximIC Fiches catalogue-144

Partie nFabricantApplication
MAX548AEUA MaximIC+2.5V to +5.5V, low-power, dual 8-bit voltage-output DAC with an asynchronous load input; it uses Vdd as the reference input. .
MAX6332UR22D2-T MaximICUltra-low-voltage, low power microprocessor reset circuit. Reset threshold(typ) 2.2V, reset timeout(min) 20ms.
MAX6319MHUK29B-T MaximICMicroprocessor supervisory circuit with manual reset (manual reset input, reset outputs active-high, push/pull and active-low, bidirectional).Factory-trimmed reset threshold(typ) 2.930V, reset timeout(min) 20ms
MAX4426ESA MaximICDual high-speed, 1.5A MOSFET driver. 4.5V t0 18V operation range.
MAX6363HUT23-T MaximICLow-power microprocessor supervisory circuit with battery-on output. Reset threshold(typ) 2.32V. Active-high push-pull reset.
MAX641AC/D MaximIC+5V fixed output, 10W CMOS step-up switching regulator. 5% output accuracy
MAX406BESA MaximIC1.2microA max, single, single-supply op amp.
MAX9000ESA MaximICLow-power, high-speed, single-supply op amp + comparator + reference IC. Internal precision reference 1.23V. Op-Amp gain stability 1V/V. Op-Amp gain bandwidth 1.25MHz.
MAX6314US43D2-T MaximIC68H11/bidirectional-compatible microprocessor reset circuit. Reset threshold(nom) 4.30V. Reset timeout period(min) 20ms.
MAX122ACAG MaximIC500ksps, 12-bit ADCs with track/hold and reference, INL (LSBs) +3/4
MXL1001MH MaximICPrecision operational amplifier
MAX8867C/D28 MaximICLow-noise, low-dropout, 150mA linear regulator. Preset output voltage 2.80V
MX7521JD MaximICCMOS 12 bit multiplying D/A converter. Error 0.2%
MAX6317HUK41CZ-T MaximICMicroprocessor supervisory circuit with watchdog and manual reset (watchdog input,manual reset input,reset output active-high, push/pull).Factory-trimmed reset threshold (typ) 4.100V, min reset timeout 140ms, typ watchdog timeout 25.6sec
MAX6318LHUK42BW-T MaximICMicroprocessor supervisory circuit with watchdog and manual reset,(watchdog input,reset output active-low,push/pull; active-high,push/pull).Factory-trimmed reset threshold(typ) 4.200V min, reset timeout 20ms,typ watchdog timeout 6.3ms
MAX3486ESA MaximIC3.3V-powered, 10Mbps and slew-rate-limited true RS-485/RS-422 transceiver. Guaranteed data rate 2.5Mbps. Supply voltage 3.0V to 3.6V
MAX971CUA MaximICUltra-low-power, open-drain, single comparator. Internal precision reference 1%. Internal hysteresis yes.
MAX8868C/D25 MaximICLow-noise, low-dropout, 150mA linear regulator with auto-discharge function. Preset output voltage 2.50V
ICM7211AIPL MaximICFour digit display decoder/driver. LCD, output code - code B, input configuration - multiplexed 4-bit
MAX6322HPUK25C-T MaximICMicroprocessor supervisory circuit with manual reset (manual reset input, reset outputs active-high, push/pull and active-low, open-drain).Factory-trimmed reset threshold(typ) 2.500V, reset timeout(min) 140ms
MAX748AC/D MaximICStep-down, current-mode PWM DC-DC controller. Input voltage range 3.3V to 16V
MAX776MJA MaximIC-15V or adjustable, high-efficiency, low IQ inverting DC-DC controller
MAX6312UK34D4-T MaximICMultiple-input, programmable reset IC(push/pull reset output, factory-set reset threshold on Vcc, 1 additional undervoltage reset input, manual-reset input). Factory-trimmed reset thresholds 3.315(min) 3.485(max). Nominal timeout period 1120ms.
ICM7556ISD MaximICDual general purpose RC timer
MAX188DEPP MaximICLow-power, 8-channel, serial 12-bit ADC.
MAX1682EUK-T MaximICSwitched-capacitor voltage doubler.
MAX4551CSE MaximIC+-15kV ESD-protected, quad, low-voltage, SPST analog switches (four NC switches).
MAX746CPE MaximICHigh-efficiency, PWM, step-down, N-channel DC-DC controller
MAX952EUA MaximICUltra low-power, single-supply Op Amp + comparator + reference. Internal 1.2V+-2% bandgap reference. Op Amp gain stability 10V/V. Supply current 7microA.
MX7225LEWG MaximICCMOS quad 8-bit D/A converter with double-buffered logic inputs. Error +-1 LSB.

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