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LC5623IN LMV7219M7X JM38510/00104BC LP2953AMJ/883 54F64DC LM4130BIM5-2.0 DS14185WMX DS8830N LM4040AIM3X-10 LM2941CSX LMX2325MDC CLC450AJE LM317EMPX 5962-9855001QXA CLC420MDC LMX2352SLBX LM759H/883 LM4050BIM3X-4.1 LP3985IBPX-4.7 LM810M3-4.38 DS36276M LM2618ATL MM5316N COPBC884WM L

National Semiconductor Fiches catalogue-157

Partie nFabricantApplication
54F04FMQB National SemiconductorHex Inverter
DS75452M National SemiconductorDS55451, DS55452, DS55453, DS55454, DS75450, DS75451, DS75452, DS75453, DS75454 Dual Peripheral Driver
CLC5623IN National SemiconductorComlinear CLC5623 Triple, High Output, Video Amplifier
LMV7219M7X National Semiconductor7 nsec, 2.7V to 5V Comparator with Rail-to Rail Output
JM38510/00104BC National SemiconductorQuad 2-Input NAND Gate
LP2953AMJ/883 National SemiconductorAdjustable Micropower Low-Dropout Voltage Regulator
54F64DC National Semiconductor4-2-3-2-Input AND/OR Invert Gate
LM4130BIM5-2.0 National SemiconductorPrecision Micropower Low Dropout Voltage Reference
DS14185WMX National SemiconductorEIA/TIA-232 3 Driver x 5 Receiver
DS8830N National SemiconductorDual Differential Line Drivers
LM4040AIM3X-10 National SemiconductorPrecision Micropower Shunt Voltage Reference
LM2941CSX National Semiconductor1A Low Dropout Adjustable Regulator
LMX2325MDC National SemiconductorPLLatinum 2.5 GHz Frequency Synthesizer for RF Personal Communications
CLC450AJE National SemiconductorCLC450 Single Supply, Low-Power, High Output, Current Feedback Amplifier
LM317EMPX National Semiconductor3-Terminal Adjustable Regulator
5962-9855001QXA National SemiconductorPLLatinum 1.2 GHz Frequency Synthesizer for RF Personal Communications
CLC420MDC National SemiconductorHigh-Speed, Voltage Feedback Op Amp
LMX2352SLBX National Semiconductor1.2 GHz/550 MHz PLLatinum Fractional N RF / Integer N IF Dual Low Power Frequency Synthesizer
LM759H/883 National SemiconductorPower Operational Amplifier
LM4050BIM3X-4.1 National SemiconductorPrecision Micropower Shunt Voltage Reference
LP3985IBPX-4.7 National SemiconductorMicropower, 150mA Low-Noise Ultra Low-Dropout CMOS Voltage Regulator
LM810M3-4.38 National Semiconductor3-Pin Microprocessor Reset Circuits
DS36276M National SemiconductorFailSafe Multipoint Transceiver
LM2618ATL National Semiconductor400mA Sub-miniature, High Efficiency, Synchronous PWM & PFM Programmable DC-DC Converter
MM5316N National SemiconductorDigital alarm clock
COPBC884WM National Semiconductor8-Bit CMOS ROM Based Microcontrollers with 2k Memory, Comparators, and CAN Interface
LM2597HVM-ADJ National SemiconductorSIMPLE SWITCHER Power Converter 150 kHz 0.5A Step-Down Voltage Regulator
LM1279AN National Semiconductor110 MHz RGB Video Amplifier System with OSD
LM4854MT National Semiconductor1.9W Monaural, 85mW Stereo Headphone Audio Amplifier
LP3963ET-1.8 National Semiconductor3A Fast Ultra Low Dropout Linear Regulator

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