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MX ADC12132CIMSA 74F2645SCX LMH6672MAX COPCH912-FDP/N LM306H CLC007AJE-TR13 LMC6001AIN LM2937ET-8.0 CLC432AJE-TR13 54ACQ244SMQB COPGG888DWF TP3420AV309 LP3984IBPX-1.8 ICTE22 LM2765M6 JM38510/75705BR LM2576SX-15 CLC412MDC DS90CR583MTDX LM2940IMPX-5.0 5962R8968901VFA LM109H/883 JM3

National Semiconductor Fiches catalogue-169

Partie nFabricantApplication
LM119J-MPR National SemiconductorHigh Speed Dual Comparator
DS26LS32CMX National SemiconductorQuad Differential Line Receivers
ADC12132CIMSA National SemiconductorSelf-Calibrating 12-Bit Plus Sign Serial I/O A/D Converter with MUX and Sample/Hold
74F2645SCX National SemiconductorOctal bus transceiver with 25 Ohm series resistors in the outputs. Devices shipped in 13 inches reels.
LMH6672MAX National SemiconductorDual, High Output Current, High Speed Op Amp
COPCH912-FDP/N National Semiconductor8-Bit Microcontrollers
LM306H National SemiconductorVoltage Comparator
CLC007AJE-TR13 National SemiconductorSerial Digital Cable Driver with Dual Complementary Outputs
LMC6001AIN National SemiconductorUltra Ultra-Low Input Current Amplifier
LM2937ET-8.0 National Semiconductor500 mA Low Dropout Regulator
CLC432AJE-TR13 National SemiconductorDual Wideband Monolithic Op Amp
54ACQ244SMQB National SemiconductorQuiet series octal buffer/line driver with TRI-STATE outputs. Military grade device with environmental and burn-in processing chipped in tubes.
COPGG888DWF National Semiconductor8-Bit CMOS ROM Based Microcontrollers with 4k to 24k Memory, Comparators and USART
TP3420AV309 National SemiconductorISDN S/T Interface Device
LP3984IBPX-1.8 National SemiconductorMicropower, 150mA Ultra Low-Dropout CMOS Voltage Regulator in Subminiature 4-I/O micro SMD Package
ICTE22 National SemiconductorTransient voltage suppression diode for microprocessor protection, 22V
LM2765M6 National SemiconductorSwitched Capacitor Voltage Converter
JM38510/75705BR National SemiconductorOctal Buffer/Line Driver with TRI-STATE Outputs
LM2576SX-15 National SemiconductorSIMPLE SWITCHER 3A Step-Down Voltage Regulator
CLC412MDC National SemiconductorDual, Wideband Video Op Amp
DS90CR583MTDX National SemiconductorLVDS 24-Bit Color Flat Panel Display (FPD) Link - 65 MHz
LM2940IMPX-5.0 National Semiconductor1A Low Dropout Regulator
5962R8968901VFA National SemiconductorQuad 2-Input Multiplexer with TRI-STATE Outputs
LM109H/883 National Semiconductor5-Volt Regulator
JM38510R76506BR National Semiconductor8-Input Universal Shift/Storage Register with Common Parallel I/O Pins
TP3070AV-XG National SemiconductorCOMBO II Programmable PCM CODEC/Filter
LM2655MTC-ADJ National Semiconductor2.5A High Efficiency Synchronous Switching Regulator
LP2995LQ National SemiconductorDDR Termination Regulator
LMV981MWA National SemiconductorSingle 1.8V, RRIO Operational Amplifiers with Shutdown
JM38510R75304BF National SemiconductorDual JK Positive Edge-Triggered Flip-Flop

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