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M IRG4PSC71K SD500R40PC 301URA120 ST2600C30R3L SD303C16S15C 47LF80 IRFZ48V IRF7822 ST180C20C1 SD103N04S20MSC ST280C06C0 ST300C08C3 309UR120P2 IRFBF30 SD153N04S10PBV IRGBF30F IRFI9634G IRKL50012 SD203R14S10PC SD233N30S50PSC IRKT43018 SD400N24PC ST2600C30R0 SD600N16MSC ST700C18L1 S

IR Fiches catalogue-8

Partie nFabricantApplication
ST333S08PFM1 IRInverter grade thyristor
82RIA80M IRPhase control thyristor
IRG4PSC71K IRInsulated gate bipolar transistor. VCES = 600V, VCE(on)typ. = 1.83V @ VGE = 15V, IC = 60A
SD500R40PC IRStandard recovery diode
301URA120 IRStandard recovery diode
ST2600C30R3L IRPhase control thyristor
SD303C16S15C IRFast recovery diode
47LF80 IRStandard recovery diode
IRFZ48V IRPower MOSFET, 60V, 72A
IRF7822 IRHEXFET power MOSFET for DC-DC converter. VDS = 30V, RDS(on) = 5.0mOhm
ST180C20C1 IRPhase control thyristor
SD103N04S20MSC IRFast recovery diode
ST280C06C0 IRPhase control thyristor
ST300C08C3 IRPhase control thyristor
309UR120P2 IRStandard recovery diode
IRFBF30 IRHEXFET power MOSFET. VDSS = 900V, RDS(on) = 3.7 Ohm, ID = 3.6A
SD153N04S10PBV IRFast recovery diode
IRGBF30F IRInsulated gate bipolar transistor
IRFI9634G IRHEXFET power MOSFET. VDSS = -250V, RDS(on) = 1.0 Ohm, ID = -4.1 A
IRKL50012 IRThyristor/diode and thyristor/thyristor
SD203R14S10PC IRFast recovery diode
SD233N30S50PSC IRFast recovery diode
IRKT43018 IRThyristor/diode and thyristor/thyristor
SD400N24PC IRStandard recovery diode
ST2600C30R0 IRPhase control thyristor
SD600N16MSC IRStandard recovery diode
ST700C18L1 IRPhase control thyristor
ST3230C16R3L IRPhase control thyristor
SD253N12S15MSV IRFast recovery diode
SD600N08MC IRStandard recovery diode

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