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M-22PB IMB4A BA6303F LB-202MB RB083L-20 BU4051BC BA5973FP BA178M12T BA1604 BU4069UB 2SC5161 BA9743AFV LB-602YK2 BA6191 2SC4618 BA7062F NF2002-VA10A BU2630F BA7605N DTC144GUA BA12001B BU2614FS BA10358F SLA-360MT DTA144TSA 2SD2166 BA7107 BA3835F

ROHM Fiches catalogue-41

Partie nFabricantApplication
LD-701DU ROHMLarge flat display
BA15218F ROHMDual high slew rate, low nois operational amplifier
RPM-22PB ROHMPhototransistor, side view type
IMB4A ROHMDual digital PNP transistor, general purpose
BA6303F ROHMFG system speed servo controller
LB-202MB ROHMHigh efficiency, two-digit numeric display
RB083L-20 ROHMSchottky barrier diode, 20V, 5A
BU4051BC ROHM8-channel analog multiplexer/demultiplexer
BA5973FP ROHM3-channel BTL driver for CD, CD-ROM, DVD and DVD-ROM
BA178M12T ROHM12V regulator
BA1604 ROHMPLL tone decoder IC
BU4069UB ROHMHex inverter
2SC5161 ROHMNPN silicon high-voltage switching transistor
BA9743AFV ROHM2-channel switching regulator controller
LB-602YK2 ROHMHigh efficiency, two-digit numeric display
BA6191 ROHM2-channel reversible-motor driver
2SC4618 ROHM25V,50mA, 300MHz high-frequency amplifier transistor
BA7062F ROHMSYNC separator IC with AFC
NF2002-VA10A ROHMHigh speed thermal printhead (8 dots/mm)
BU2630F ROHMDual PLL frequency synthesizer
BA7605N ROHMVideo signal switcher
DTC144GUA ROHMDigital NPN transistor (with resistor)
BA12001B ROHM90+-10V, 3A high-voltage, high current darlington transistor array
BU2614FS ROHMPLL frequency synthesizer for tuner
BA10358F ROHMDual ground sense operational amplifier
SLA-360MT ROHMHigh luminance, small LED
DTA144TSA ROHMDigital PNP transistor (with resistor)
2SD2166 ROHMNPN silicon low Vce(sat) transistor
BA7107 ROHMSECAM chroma signal processor for VHS VCRs
BA3835F ROHMBand-pass filter for spectrum analyzer

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