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2 2SC4037 LA-501VN SLR-342DC DTD113ZK SLR-332VC RB425D 2SD1949 RPR-359F BA728 BA6418N 2SC5161 BA7630F BR24C16FJ BP5313 BA6146 BA9737KV SIR-563ST3F BA6872AFM BU4053BCF SLA-370LT LM-1256VB EMH2 BA7726AS DTA115TKA BA040LBSG 2SC2411K FMW3

ROHM Fiches catalogue-43

Partie nFabricantApplication
BA6810S ROHMFluorescent display tube level meter driver, 12-point x 2-channel, VU scale, bar display
FMA1A ROHMDual digital PNP transistor, general purpose
BA15532 ROHMDual high slew rate, low nois operational amplifier
2SC4037 ROHMNPN transistor for medium power amplifier, 32V 0.5A
LA-501VN ROHMHigh efficiency, single-digit numeric display
SLR-342DC ROHMReflecting small directly mountable LED (clear orange)
DTD113ZK ROHMDigital NPN transistor (with resistors)
SLR-332VC ROHMReflecting small wide viewing angle and directly mountable LED (clear red)
RB425D ROHMSchottky barrier diode
2SD1949 ROHM50V,0.5A medium power transistor
RPR-359F ROHMReflective photosensor (photoreflector)
BA728 ROHMDual operational amplifier
BA6418N ROHMReversible motor driver
2SC5161 ROHMHigh voltage switching transistor (400V, 2A)
BA7630F ROHMVideo switch for CANAL-plus decoder
BR24C16FJ ROHMI2C BUS compatible serial EEPROM
BP5313 ROHMPower supply unit for LCD drives
BA6146 ROHMFlorescent display tube level meter driver, 12-point, VU scale, bar display
BA9737KV ROHM4-channel switching regulator controller
SIR-563ST3F ROHMInfrared light emitting diode, top view type
BA6872AFM ROHM3-phase motor driver and reversible motor driver
BU4053BCF ROHMTriple 2-channel analog multiplexer/demultiplexer
SLA-370LT ROHMHigh luminance, small LED
LM-1256VB ROHM16x16 matrix display
EMH2 ROHMDual digital NPN transistor, general purpose
BA7726AS ROHMAnalog compander with vocal fader for KARAOKE
DTA115TKA ROHMDigital PNP transistor (with resistor)
BA040LBSG ROHMSuper-mini package regulator IC
2SC2411K ROHMNPN silicon medium power transistor
FMW3 ROHMDual transistor, general purpose

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