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EE BA6997FM LA-501MN 2SB1566 DTC124EE LA-601VB BR93LC56RF BU4S66 UDZ11B UMW10N BU4093BFV LD-701VR 2SC5658 BA7725FS BH3856S DTC124GKA BR24E16F DTC144WE BA09FP BA3853BFS BU4528BF BA3884F BA1332 DTA144VUA SML-310PT BA3131FS SLR-342DU DTD113ZU

ROHM Fiches catalogue-44

Partie nFabricantApplication
BA033ST ROHMLow saturation voltage type regulator with ON/OFF switch
IMB7A ROHMDual transistor, general purpose
DTC144EE ROHMDigital NPN transistor (with resistors)
BA6997FM ROHM4-channel BTL driver for CD player
LA-501MN ROHMHigh efficiency, single-digit numeric display
2SB1566 ROHMPower transistor, 50V, 3A
DTC124EE ROHMDigital NPN transistor (with resistors)
LA-601VB ROHMHigh efficiency, single-digit numeric display
BR93LC56RF ROHM2048 bit serial EEPROM
BU4S66 ROHMSingle analog switch
UDZ11B ROHMZener diode
UMW10N ROHMDual NPN transistor, high-frequency
BU4093BFV ROHMQuad 2-input NAND Schmitt trigger
LD-701VR ROHMLarge flat display
2SC5658 ROHM50V, 0.15A general purpose transistor
BA7725FS ROHMAnalog compander for KARAOKE echo system
BH3856S ROHM2-wire serial sound control IC
DTC124GKA ROHMDigital NPN transistor (with resistor)
BR24E16F ROHMI2C BUS compatible serial EEPROM
DTC144WE ROHMDigital NPN transistor (with resistors)
BA09FP ROHMLow saturation voltage type 3-pin regulator
BA3853BFS ROHMStereo sound controller IC
BU4528BF ROHMDual monostable multivibrator
BA3884F ROHMHigh-definition sound processor
BA1332 ROHMFM stereo demodulator
DTA144VUA ROHMDigital PNP transistor (with resistors)
SML-310PT ROHMSmall chip LED (green)
BA3131FS ROHMDual operational amplifier with switch, for audio use (3 inputs x 1 outputs x 2)
SLR-342DU ROHMReflecting small directly mountable LED (diffused orange)
DTD113ZU ROHMDigital NPN transistor (with resistors)

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